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research on organic produce

Posted Nov 22 2012 1:40am


Iliana Ilieva, a student in the Portsmouth University is conducting a research about who are the organic food consumers in Bulgaria and what motivates their choice to buy organic, so today I’m asking you to help Iliana and fill her questionnaire . It will take only 2 minutes of your time, but will help us spread the word on organic produce and understand what motivates people to buy or not to buy bio goods. The survey is only for people living in Bulgaria. Thank you!

“The current trend of production and consumption of organic food in recent years explains the growing market share of this industry. This research aims at providing a more precise data about the socio-demographic profile of the Bulgarian organic food consumer, together with the main motives that account for his/her preference of organic to conventional food. The results of the research will bring a deeper understanding of the needs of these consumers both to the producers and traders of organic food. Moreover, it will give a new insight into the effectiveness of the marketing startegies that companies use when trying to attract consumers and convince them to buy organic produce from them.

The completion of this questionnaire is absolutely voluntarily and anonumous. The data gathered through it will only be used within the scope of this research and will not be released for any business use.”

Thank You for Your time in advance.
Click here to fill out the research, in BG & EN .

Sincerely Yours,
Iliana Ilieva

Student in Business Administration in the International University College, University of Portsmouth Programme, Sofia. Contacts: & 02/421 9595.

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