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Research is savings lives... Before they are even endangered. Solve the problem before it exists.

Posted Sep 14 2009 9:55am
Thisis cool... and Relayers can thank themselves for helping funditCancer is dangerous... cancer that has metastized is REALLY dangerous. The fact is, 90% of metastized cancers cannot be cured.We need to catch cancers before they metastasize. And this company has found outone way to help accomplish this. There are a lot of big words that I don't really understand, but it works like this:
  1. Cancer often metastasizes through lymphnodes.
  2. This makes it easier for doctors to recognize when cancer spread to lymphnodes.
  3. Catch the cancer before it spreads to the lymphnodes, and then it reduces the chances of it metastasizing.
End result = higher survival rates.Catch the problem before it starts, and then you don't have the problem. Early on, lots of cancer research went to figuring out how to cure cancer. Now, lots of funding is being spent on determining ways to 1.Live so you never get cancer, and 2. Catch it early before it spreads so survival rates increase.Lots of studies attribute healthier lifestyles to lower cancer incidence rates.In fact, nearly 1/3 of cancer cases are attribute to lifestyle choices...So, even though all the incredible fundraising is helping fund breakthrough early detection and treatment methods, we're better off addressing the problem before it starts. What better way to cope with a problem, then to never have to cope with it in the first place.I learned that early on at Relay. The best way to make Relay successful, was to never have a problem. So we sat around a room and identified all the possible problems, and then took action steps to make sure they didn't happen.I do the same thing in my professional life. Before I walk into a presentation, I brainstorm all the hard questions I might get asked, and write down all the answers. Before I submit a final project, I think of all the possible shortcomings. Before I make a recommendation, I think about why it might suck.If addressing the problem before it exists can save your life, imagine what it can do to your career...

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