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Repair a Dell XPS 1530 Battery That Has Lost Its Capacity

Posted May 21 2013 7:59am

Picture this scenario; you are a student or business person. You rely on your Dell XPS 1530 laptop computer to complete your assignments, manage your business process, and or enhance the productivity of your employees. However, for the past two or three months, you have noticed that the  Dell XPS 1530 battery  in your laptop no longer holds an optimum amount of charge and or lasts for a shorter period that it did originally. What do you do in such a situation? Do you dispose the XPS 1530 battery for Dell that is on your laptop, break your piggy bank, and buy a replacement from the first laptop store you get on the Internet or offline? Although many people make this common mistake in the heat of the moment, you can do several things to troubleshoot and possibly repair a Dell battery that has lost its capacity. If your laptop runs for 20 minutes on battery charge, or you notice that it cannot last a full meeting without a Dell XPS 1530 adapter, consider the following tips to try to restore an XPS battery for Dell that has lost its capacity, to its original state:


Many at times, Dell laptop batteries fail to hold sufficient power because they are not receiving it in the first place. Before you pronounce your XPS 1530 battery for Dell dead and rush to buy a replacement, check if your charging accessories are in excellent working order. To know if your  Dell adapter  is not charging your laptop battery well, the first thing you should do is remove the battery from your laptop. Next, plug the adapter on your laptop and power it on. If you can run an energy-demanding task (watch a movie or listen to music) without the laptop shutting down periodically or its screen flickering, you can be sure that your XPS adapter is not the source of your problems.


Traditional battery chemistries (nickel-based Dell batteries) commonly experience charge memory problems over time. Ascertain the type of Dell XPS 1530 battery installed in your laptop, to know how you can go about the problem. If you have a nickel-based battery, you should calibrate it, to restore it to its original states. First, with your XPS charger at hand, power the  XPS 1530 battery for Dell  that is in your laptop to full capacity. Check the battery icon on your laptops task bar to and make sure that it reads 100 percent. Next, leave your laptop to drain battery power until it goes to sleep or hibernates. If necessary, you can tweak the system settings in your laptop's BIOS, to drains it to zero capacity. For a second time, power the battery to 100% and check if the problem persists.


Over time, dust/grime can accumulate on a battery's contacts and lower is conducted. It can also slip from the contacts on the laptop's motherboard, and cause the foregoing problem. To cure a Dell XPS 1530 battery that has lost its capacity, the final thing you can do is clean and re-set it on your laptop. Remove the  Dell laptop battery  from your laptop and clean its contacts. While at it, check the battery to ascertain that it lacks any signs of damage. Re-install the battery in your laptop, power it to capacity, and check if the problem persists. If your XPS battery for Dell fails at this point, you have no option, but to buy a replacement.


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