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Rendezvous with [w]Rinkly Raisins

Posted Feb 25 2011 9:02am
Hi loves, it's been way too long. I have had one hectic week. traveling - school - volunteering - work. The busier I become, the more I love it; though I think I am finally learning that balance is really a necessity to my sanity.

Speaking of sanity. The sister has been stepping up her workout game and bringing some insane interval runs to the table! I introduced her to the art of "intervalling" a few months ago and and we've been experimenting with different workouts ever since. Here is one that we did this morning
Ultimate Pyramid Workout
We often increase the incline to really get our heart rates up. [That's only if I eat my Wheaties Oats for breakfast :)]

There really is no question that I have a better workout when I eat a hearty breakfast before I hit the gym. Some people can workout on an empty stomach. Me, not so much. I try and leave about an hour to an hour and a half between breakfast and any sort of exercise. Anything less than an hour and I'll about toss my cookies.

If only I had self control when it came to breakfast and/or coffee. An hour and a half probably wouldn't be necessary, but as you know, I go big or go home with my oats :) Hence the extreme amount of rainsins I consume before 9 AM today...

Really this is probably 1/4 the amount of raisins I eat for breakfast. So. addicting. My love for raisins is in a close running with grapes. Wudda-ya-know, they are one in the same! My favorite kind of raisins are the big fat ones you can buy in bulk from your local co-op. I go to Seward Co-op in Minneapolis and I recently discovered The Wedge in Uptown has a pretty shabby collection too!

When it comes to grapes, I have been gnashin' on Red Seedless Chileans lately, 1.29 per lb! I prefer red over green and frozen over fresh. Yup, I freeze my grapes! They become like mini popsicles!

Remember when I made homemade dried grapes = raisins ? They turned out pretty good for a first timer- but I'm thinkin' about round two.

What's so good about raisins and grapes? Let me share the love with you.

[Health Benefits of Grapes and Raisins]

Raisins are made by dehydrating grapes.  Through heat from the sun or oven, the h20 is extracted from fresh grapes to create raisins!

They Contain Boron, which is a trace mineral found in few foods. Boron is shown to prevent Osteoporosis in women and promote healthy bone density.

Resvertrol is present in grapes and raisins. Resvertrol is an antioxidant that is thought to help prevent cancer and coronary heart disease. More specifically, it blocks steps in the carcinogenesis process. Resvertrol also decreases stroke risk and acts as an anti-inflammatory.

A great source of fiber that helps regulate you know what. A serving of raisins, 1/4 C or 100g, contains 3.7g of fiber.

Both grapes and raisins are a great source of Potassium, which helps reduce blood pressure and heart rate.

Raisins and grapes are a convenient, healthy snack and easy to pack. They are high energy and low fat. When grapes are in season, they are an inexpensive way to get a serving of fruit. During the off season, raisins provide the same great benefits and have a a long shelf life.

- - - - - - - - - -

[Fun Facts]
-4 pounds of grapes yields 1 pound of raisins.-The average America consumes 8 lbs. of grapes per year.-There are over 60 species and 8,000 varieties of grapes grown throughout the world.-Raisins are over 4,000 years old. The Romans ate them, so should we!-Fresno, CA is the raisins capitol of the world-Grapes contain 80% water, where raisins only contain 15%.-1/2 of the grapes used for raisins are grown in California
- - - - - - - - - -
In conclusion: Don't feel bad if you accidentally eat 3 lbs. of grapes because if you think about it, it's actually 80% water :)

What is your favorite kind of cardio?

Do you eat breakfast before or after you workout?

Do you prefer grapes or raisins?

PS: Vote for me at  Women's Health Magazine's featured blogger contest!

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