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Remove the 9 things before going to bed: take off jewelry, makeup relieved

Posted May 07 2013 7:52am
  Many people after a hectic day, can not wait fell down asleep. If, however, a few things to get rid of the body not fall asleep, is likely to health hazards.
  Remove jewelry. Wear rings, watches, sleep, get up finger swelling, although the symptoms will soon disappear,  cheap christian louboutin online   but still affect the blood circulation. Also accustomed to wearing a necklace to sleep, not knowing that these pendant to move over and over again during sleep, increase the chance of skin damage and suffocation.
  Removable dentures. Nanjing Integrative Medicine Hospital Dental Officer Zhou Junbo said, wearing dentures to sleep, there are a lot of hidden dangers: First, people fall asleep on the consciousness of dentures is much lower than when awake during the day,  outlet discount christian louboutin    once in his sleep swallowed dentures, dentures iron hook is likely to pierce the esophagus, causing bleeding and even life-threatening; Second, long-term Abstract dentures, plaque and bacteria will accumulate in the oral cavity, are likely to cause oral disease, and into the respiratory system through the mouth and throat, causing bacterial pneumonia. cheap louboutin outlet  So every day before going to bed must be off his dentures, and make a foam brush, red three cleaning steps.
  Get rid of the moisture. Many office workers, morning to evening, only wash your hair at night, ranging from dry hair and sleep. However, the human body after falling asleep in a relaxed state, the resistance will drop, cold and wet hair easy to let moisture into the body from the scalp, not only is not conducive to the head blood running, may also lead to headaches and discomfort. If you must wash your hair at night,  christian louboutin pumps online   be sure to use the hair dryer to blow dry my hair and then sleep.
  Remove contact lenses. Nanjing Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital deputy director of ophthalmology physician Xia Chengzhi, the eyes need to breathe, contact lenses are "foreign objects" in the eyes of the long-term wear can cause corneal hypoxia, and even the lens and corneal adhesions to the cornea with to infection, perforation varying degrees of damage. Sleep eyes closed, bad ventilation, if wearing contact lenses to sleep, it will only increase the risk of eye damage health, so even a nap 1 hour, preferably off the also the first contact lenses.
  Removable bra. Wearing a bra to sleep, is not conducive to the blood circulation. The Hawaiian civilization Disease Research Institute survey found that the woman wearing a bra more than 12 hours a day,  red bottom shoes on sale   the likelihood of breast cancer more than 20 times higher than the short time wearing or not wearing. Therefore, not only before going to sleep to take off bra, after returning home should immediately take off the bra to put on tracksuit.
  Phone away. Mobile phone radiation will affect the human body, especially in the cell phone battery, the signal is weak, the radiation will increase. Sleep, using a mobile phone when the alarm will be forcibly Wake adverse health. Sleep the best phone on the outside of the bedroom or from the body of at least one meter,  louboutin shoes cheap   do not be placed under the pillow or pillows.
  Remove makeup. If you sleep with makeup the the cosmetics residue on the skin easy to plug the pores, sweat glands secretion disorder caused, not only likely to cause acne, over time will damage the skin and accelerate skin aging. Make-up must be carefully remover, and about 40 ℃ warm water, to fall asleep.
  Get rid of tipsy. Evening entertainment, tremendous work pressure, make a lot of people with a drunk fall asleep. Executive Chairman of the Federation of the World Council for the Promotion of a healthy lifestyle Professor Xia Dengjie remind, before going to bed drink unhealthy,  cheap christian louboutin heels   even after falling asleep but also people of suffocation. In addition, long-term with a drunk sleep also increases the risk of suffering from diseases such as heart disease and hypertension. If drunk, it is best to drink honey water, or eat carbohydrate-containing foods, to be sober and then fall asleep.
  Forget the troubles. Goes wrong during the day, grew more and more gas before going to bed, tossing and turning. Even asleep, negative emotions can also affect blood running. Before going to bed a bad mood, may wish to listen to melodious music, look at the comic sketch, cheap christian louboutin outlet  forget the troubles back to sleep.
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