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Remix: Half marathon #2 (for real this time)

Posted Feb 04 2011 12:29pm

Hey all! Happy Friday to you! I hope you’ve had a great week and are feeling ready for some weekend fun. This week has just zoomed by for me, and I am really excited about everything I have planned for the next three days. I am also exhausted today! I haven’t mentioned it anywhere except my fitness log , but I’ve been doing Masters swimming on Friday mornings at my gym. Masters is awesome–it’s a coached 70-minute workout filled with fun things like interval training, sprints, and drills. Waking up at 4:45 to be at Masters by 5:30, however, is not awesome, and I tend to feel pretty beat by Friday afternoon. I have a date with and People magazine after work today, so I’m pretty psyched!

I’m also very excited to run my second half marathon on Sunday! I’m running the Kaiser Permanente Half , which is right here in San Francisco. I was originally supposed to run my second half marathon back in November, but I seriously bruised a rib playing soccer two days before the race and was unable to run. I felt well-trained for the one in November and ready to go, so I was totally bummed when I had to miss the race.

My rib healed, and I got back into running quickly after the injury. Almost immediately after I missed the race in November, I signed up for the Kaiser Half with some friends. During my time of frustration and pain, it was great to have a goal to look forward to in a few months. As soon as I could run comfortably and consistently again, I got back on my training plan (Hal Higdon’s Intermediate Half Marathon Plan). I’ve been working hard since then to be in the best shape I can be to run a successful, fun race on Sunday.

Back in November, I wrote about my hopes and goals for my second half marathon . They included: have fun, pace myself, fuel myself properly, keep one eye on the clock, and get some sweet action shots. Those are definitely still my goals for Sunday. Most importantly, I want to have a great time running this race! I know the course extremely well because I run it all the time, and my family, friends, and J will all be there to support me and cheer me on. I am looking forward to having a great time running through San Francisco with thousands of other people!

In terms of pacing myself, I feel so much more well-prepared and comfortable with my pacing now than I did in October and November. Before my first half marathon , my longest training run was 9 miles. I knew I could run longer distances comfortably, but I had no idea how to pace myself. This time around, I’ve been building up my longer distances consistently, and last weekend I ran a full half marathon as a training run. I know what pace feels comfortable and sustainable for my long runs–8:30/miles–from experience, and I plan to keep this pace on Sunday. I will not start out faster than 8:30! If I’m feeling strong at the end, I can pick up my pace in the last few miles, but I need to run at least the first ten at an 8:30/pace. With that goal in mind, my ideal finishing time will be between 1:50 and 1:55. I don’t want to be too rigid with myself–this is only my second half marathon anyway!–but I think that is an attainable, realistic goal for me.

I have also learned how to fuel myself properly on my long runs through experience. Back in October, I had only a small sip of water and a few Sports Beans during my entire race. As a result, I was incredibly sick and dehydrated afterwards. This time around, I know what works for me in terms of fueling. I plan to take a Gu (Vanilla Bean flavored!) at mile seven on Sunday. I will carry my hydration belt and make sure that I am drinking water every mile. I do not want to get sick or dehydrated this time around!

My beloved hydration belt!

(That blouse may or may not be my running attire of choice on Sunday.)

Of course, I will do my best to take some awesome action shots. That one’s a given.

To prepare for my half this week, I stuck with good ol’ Hal’s plan and ran on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. I did some lifting on Monday and swam today, and I will rest and stretch tomorrow. I’ve been trying to get more sleep (even though I already sleep 8-9 hours a night!) and I’ve been hydrating like crazy with water and Vitamin Water Zero (I love the orange Rise and Lemonade flavors!). I haven’t really had too much of an appetite in the last week, but I’ve still been trying to eat slightly more carbs than usual to prepare for Sunday. As a gluten-free athlete, my options for carbs are a little bit limited, but my gluten-free carbs of choice are sweet potatoes, oatmeal, and starchy root vegetables like parsnips.

I can’t wait for Sunday! I’ll write either on Sunday or Monday with a full recap of my half marathon. If you have any last-minute tips or suggestions I would love to hear them!

Enjoy your weekend!

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