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Remembering I Have A Choice On Two Hours Of Sleep

Posted Apr 20 2010 12:00am

Wanna see the only photo I took yesterday.

Just some french toast, before it even had toppings.  Brad made it for me, since after the incident this weekend , I was never allowed to make french toast again.

After a late night on Sunday (for inventory) and an early morning back at work yesterday, I only had two hours of sleep.  Not good for me.  Even less good when my day stunk yesterday.  Remember the post I wrote a couple months ago about having a choice .  Yesterday my choice was to break down in tears before I even got out of the mall.  And then again when I got home.  What – I’m a crier!  Sometimes tears are the only way to get it out.

Don’t worry, it didn’t last too long before I made another choice.  With some urging from Brad, I set out for a run.  I knew that the run would get anything else “out” that the tears couldn’t.  After twelve hours of sleep last night, I feel much better.  I’m only ten days from my school semester being over, and then I will REALLY feel better.  I can see the light (yeah I know that was cheesy).

When was the last time you ran for stress relief or to blow off some steam?  Or do you bike, or pump iron, or swim, or anything else athletic?

PS – thanks again Ryan for your post yesterday!

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