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Remedies against common summer ailments

Posted May 11 2012 2:05am

What can be worse than the heat and sweat of this summer? Everyone seems to be tired, irritated, dehydrated or fainting and leading to diseases like urination burning, heartburn, redness of skin patches, gastric infections. Prickly heat, dandruff, dry eyes etc.

Here is the list of remedies against common summer ailments
    Heart BurnUrination Burning - dehydration could be one of the causes of burning urination or it can be caused by bacterial or yeast infection. The best way to cure this is by drinking plenty of WATER and fluids like coconut water, juices. Heart Burn - heart burn can be caused by dehydration or excessive thirst and can lead to an electrolyte imbalance. Drink plenty of water or kokum sherbet to cure this ailment. Red Skin Patches -  excessive perspiration can lead to infections in places where sweat tends to accumulate leading to itching or redness of skin . USE medication as prescribed by doctor or apply paste of Rakta Chandan to cool the affected parts. Gastric Infections - The chances of you getting gastric infections are high in summer as food gets spoilt easily due to the heat leading to nausea, diarrhea and dysentery. To cure this ginger lemon juice with salt will cure your loss of appetite and diarrhea. Eating Tulsi leaves (Basil), laung (Clove), amla (gooseberry) can be of great help too. DandruffPrickly Heat - to cure this try bathing three to four times in a day and this will cool your skin and sprinkle powdered Tulsi or Neem on the affected areas. Dandruff - your scalp tends to sweat in summer and gets overly oily in this season, which leads to dandruff. Use a good hair conditioner and rub your scalp properly. Dry Eyes - Redness or irritation of the eyes occurs due to excessive heat. To cure use eye wash and sterilized castor eyes to keep your eyes fresh.

These tips will help you to combat the ailments which are a part of the summer season.

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