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Relieve On-the-Job Stress with a Smarter Approach to Work

Posted Dec 05 2012 6:42am

workplace stress

Work doesn’t have to overwhelm every day. While one in three people say they aren’t happy with the amount of stress they have from work, an equal number of people say they enjoy their jobs. What’s the difference between the two groups? One is clearly using tools the other isn’t.

For instance, those who are satisfied with their work and experience little stress tend to work for 20 minutes before taking a short break of 1 – 5 minutes to get some movement. Others like to keep previous performance reviews as inspiration to continue to succeed.

Overall, those who approach tasks in a smarter manner with regard to the task at hand and who keep a handle on their own stress levels are more likely to enjoy their jobs. For instance, bringing stress down by completing several small tasks while a larger one is waiting can help motivate and boost confidence.


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