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Releashing Attachement to Your Experiences and Holding On To The Lessons

Posted Nov 04 2009 10:04pm


One of the greatest teachers that we have is experience.  We know that as we experience life we learn lessons. I believe our primary purpose in this life is that we are here in this human form to learn lessons that we need. To learn these lessons we must fully experience this part of our journey in human form. We are here to have a human experience and to gleam lessons from our experiences.

Weather we perceive an experience as good or bad is indifferent to the lesson that we learn. In the grand scheme of things there are no good or bad experiences per say, there are simply experiences and it is within these experiences that we are provided lessons.

What few people realize is that we must let go of the experience after it has taken place and hold on to the lessons that we gained from the experience.

Let us state that again, let go of the experience and hold on to the lesson!

This is huge! Many people are living lives of frustration, depression, sadness and fear because they hold on to the experience!  People hold on to an experience and they tend to live it over and over again. People who hold on to what they perceive as a bad experience often say woe is me, look at how bad of an experience this was, look at how it has impacted me, etc. People who hold on to a perceived good experience  may say, oh look how good that was, why can’t today be that good, remember the good old days when … and in turn use that experience to demonstrate how bad today is.

By holding on to experiences we tend to create and cling to our own misery. The key is we are here to have experiences; we are here to fully experience this thing called being human; this is a very important part of our journey for this is how we learn the lessons which we are here to learn and this is how we as spiritual beings grow.

When we hold on to an experience we effectively create an obstacle to our growth and well being. When we focus our energy on the experience and miss the lesson, then the lesson is repeated in another experience and will continue to be presented to us until we learn the lesson. In the meantime if we are holding on to each experience we begin to build a litany of experiences that tend to block the lesson that we need to learn creating what may seem like a downward spiral.  We hear this expressed when someone exclaims “Why do these types of things keep happening to me?” This is a person who is holding on to experiences and not learning the lesson, or they are learning the lesson and at the same time our holding on to the experience and by doing so they are attracting more of these types of experiences into their life.

What experiences good or bad are you clinging onto? How is this holding on to your experiences impacting you? What do you fear will happen if you let go of the experience, take the lesson and move on?

There is great freedom in taking the lesson and letting go of the experience! Pick one experience that you are holding onto. Discern the lesson that was presented in the experience. Now let go of the experience and move on and see what happens. I assure you that you will feel that a weight has been lifted, you will feel lighter and that you will welcome the next experience and embedded lesson!

BTW – as you read this did it cross your mind that there are some expereinces that you would not want to let go of? If so, ask yourself was this ego speaking or spirit?

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