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Relaxing Run You Say?

Posted Nov 08 2012 8:14pm

How often do we take a moment to honestly shut down and relax? I know that I don’t do this enough in my life  and about the only time I truly feel  relaxed is a run. There is something about just listening to music or a podcast and running that warms my heart and sole. I used to hate running and still to this day sometimes have to make myself put on my shoes and go.

I will say that I do have an excuse…sorta. I really don’t like running leaving from my apartment. The road that I can run on is great, wide side walk and not too many hills. BUT the cars on the road go like 40-50 mph and I am terrified of getting hit! Duane comes home almost nightly and tells a story about an accident he worked because someone was texting and not paying attention. (Duane is a police officer!) I just really hate the idea of running on such a busy road!

I also am not keen on running at 4:45 am around where I live- it ain’t happening. At Duane’s that is a different story, he lives in a quiet neighborhood with sidewalks and little traffic. I also have this bear to protect me.

Here is is tough face! Doesn’t Bogey just have the mean mug on? And silly boy Arnold just has that goofy shall I say grin on his face! Got to love my boys!

I do like running outside mostly in the evenings since here it has been PERFECT weather. I know that others are not so lucky and my heart goes out to all those affected by hurricane Sandy. I just get home too late for that, and with the time change it is dark by 6 pm.

Sophie and I do enjoy our night (and morning) walks. A night we just piddle around and have fun, the morning walks are timed and we are on a potty mission. I like just getting to enjoy the outside!

Off we go on our walk!

How do you feel about running outside?

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