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Relationships 101

Posted Nov 05 2012 8:00am

Hello pumpkins! I’ve been MIA because I started my first “big girl job” in the real world. This means lots of #coffeeaday from Wawa, early mornings, late nights, and night shifts. I absolutely love my job.. for the most part. The patients are awesome :) but I’m still learning how to stand up for myself against some “work bullies”… That whole nurses eat their young is kinda true.

Onto more important things.. My relationship. I have been asked quite frequently “How have you been together for so long and yet you’re still so young!” There have been a few key factors that I will share

1. Best Friend Status. K and I are each others best friends.  We are each others toughest critics but biggest supporters. There are no secrets between us. Yes this took years for us to develop “best friend” status. However I believe this whole being each others best friend is incredibly important. It mixes trust, love, and everything else in this category.

2. Laugh your way to a happy marriage. Every couple married or not, Go watch this right now with your significant other. It explains everything. When I watched this movie with K we had a ton of “AHA moments” He explains how men can only access one box in their brain at a time. Their favorite box is the “nothing” box.. Many times I would ask K “what’s wrong you look upset” and he replies with “nothing” Truly.. Nothing is wrong. Your man is in his nothing box.


[ source ]

3. Find separate things you’re both passionate about and share them with each other. K loves to tell me about the military and I love to talk about paleo foods/recipes/blogs.. I don’t like to hear about his deployment and I’m sure he doesn’t like to hear about a new paleo recipe I found. However we both listen and ask questions regardless. It’s fun to share new things with your best friend!

4. Distance. Plan a weekend without your significant other around. Plan a vacation with your girl friends or family. It gives you both space. Distance makes the heart grow fonder. It’s true. The moment you see your significant other after some time apart is wonderful.

That would be all the pointers I have for today! I’m off to celebrate my best friends birthday today ;) Happy Birthday K!


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