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Refuse to dry, give the baby to choose moisturizing Shower Gel

Posted Nov 01 2013 7:31am

baby shower favors

Autumn and winter because of dry climate, the baby's skin should be more care. When the need to choose a moisturizing lotion, which can effectively improve the child's skin, so that the child's skin is not dry.
baby shower favors is born baby essential toiletries, but not all are suitable for baby shower gel, so in the choice of shower gel, must according to different seasons, different children's skin to choose. Autumn and winter because of dry climate, in the baby shower favors on the choice of appropriate chooses moisturizing lotion, this is good for the child's skin.
Johnson baby Lushy bath???
Product features: moist water??
Product ingredients: Mild lotion to lock the water factor??
Specification: 750ml??
Price: 40yuan.
Editors’ comments:
1. Constantly moisturize skin special care, lock the skin moisture, lasting moisture, with little stimulation, to keep baby's skin soft and smooth.
2. Editors had collected some evaluation of mothers, generally recognized, moisturizing effect is very strong, less irritating, very suitable for children to use.
3. Price, 750ml price 40 yuan, belonging to the public, the higher price.
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