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Refreshing Myself - Refreshing Others

Posted Jan 11 2011 1:35am
Refresh. What a selfless and replenishing word it is. 

The last few months one verse has been standing out for me. Proverbs 11:25 in the NIV Bible reads, “A generous man will prosper; he who refreshes others will himself be refreshed.” 
In this season of our lives we know God is asking us to be generous with our time, home, skills and refresh by focusing on family.

finding old toys and capturing memories

Refresh my mother-in-law while my father-in-law is rehabilitating in the hospital. The blessing of 6 weeks of daily physical and speech rehab for Dad. He is now in his second week! If he goes home, he’ll only receive 2-3 days of rehab a week. We can refresh Mom by rotating with other family members to hang out with her while Dad “works out”. The first 2 weeks we refreshed her by relieving her to go home, shower, and run errands. Now, she gets to go home every night.

I have the best in-laws ever! I'm truly blessed.
Dad finding out he's going to be a great-grandfather!

Refresh our 26-year-old and his fiancee as they expect their first baby. We’re going to be grandparents!!! Opening our home for regular family meals and hangouts has been a treat. Our grandparent nicknames are going to be “Yaya” for myself and “Dabee” for David. I can hear the little one saying, “I’m going to Dabee and Yaya’s house today”. So fun to imagine.
Proud parents-to-be.

Refresh our 24-year-old in his new serious dating relationship. It just so happens she was in our wedding party when she was 7 and her Mom was my maid-of-honor. So very cool! They took it slow and just hung out for two months. Then, on Christmas Eve, after our family dinner, they officially decided to date. 
His band is almost done recording their album and has a mainland and possible European tour coming up.
15 years later :D

Refreshing ourselves comes in so many forms:
Our time alone with God is so vital and so wonderful. Letting His love pour into us so it can flow through us is beyond words. 
Photography - my new camera and lenses arrived! I’m having so much fun! Creating memories in pictures stories helps me see so much wonder and beauty in my everyday.

Taking time to be together and recall the events of each day and be grateful and drink in all the joy. Also, going through whatever challenges might arise with an open heart. Make sure we get enough rest as well.

Music - we’ve set up our guitars once again and are making sure to enjoy them daily! I can’t explain how freeing it is to play, sing, and write. Jamming together only takes it to an even high level of freedom.
In sharing all of this, we wanted to let you know the blog will be random and sporadic over the next two months as we take time for all of this excitement and family times
We’ll share as much as we can in pictures and words. 
It may be only a paragraph and a photo, but we’ll be sure to share our times of refreshing with you.

What/who are you focusing on in your life right now? What/who stands out?

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January series: Soul Resolutions
Join in anytime, link up your relevant post, and just be you.
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