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Refine Resolution Challenge + New Dog

Posted Jan 08 2013 10:17am

I’m still promising you reviews of Work It Out, Revolve Fitness and CrossFit Jersey City . But right now I have to update you on the progress of my 2013 Resolutions-ish . I have two big updates for you.


The Refine Resolution Challenge - Brynn created a clever way to motivate people to commit to working out in 2013.  You commit to a realistic one-month class  goal at Refine that’s right for you. I chose three classes a week. At the end of the month you earn free classes for reaching your goal, and you can up your goal for the next month. For me that would mean trying to make it to four classes a week. Once again, you receive free classes for achieving your goal. Each class is reduced to just $20 during this challenge which is a huge incentive.

Another great aspect of this challenge is the Buddy Program. Challengers can get paired up to motivate and encourage each other. My buddy is Margaret from Have A Good Run . We’ve known each other through blogging for awhile now, so seeing that we were paired up was a really nice surprise! Every buddy team gets a shared Google Calendar where they input their classes for the week, try to take classes together and support each other. Every week we will be assigned one task to complete together and we will share at least one Buddy Brag, discussing a Challenge accomplishment we are proud of, and one Buddy Boost, discussing a roadblock we might have hit during the week. I hope using heavier kettlebells can be my brag, because I really am trying. And by trying I mean Brynn doesn’t give me a choice.

Margaret’s never taken Refine before, so I am really excited to join her for her very first class on Wednesday night! I love being there for someone’s first class. I also like sharing my thoughts about Refine with others — I’m not a big talker but I can go on for a long time about which exercises I love, which I can’t stand, which size kettlebells kill me, that time this past Saturday I buried my head in my towel during child’s pose and cried after every circuit, my favorite instructors and rating the various props by how much I hate, tolerate or actually kind of like them. (Answer Key: Hate sliding discs, tolerate kettlebells, kind of like boxes and small resistance bands.)

I’m already benefiting from this Buddy Program because I signed up for a class time I normally shy away from!  I tell myself that 7:40 PM classes all the way uptown are not worth it because I get back home so late and have so much time between work and class. But because Margaret is taking it, I signed up — and I’m excited about it! Maybe this time slot can become my new weekly thing. So that resolution I made about getting to less convenient classes is already becoming reality. The Buddy Program works!

Refine is awarding a special prize to the best Buddy pair.  We will win points for attendance, joint workouts and commitment to support. I’m in it to win it. I love Refine so much and can’t wait to share it with Margaret.

Plus, my friend Ashley Runningbun is the first Refine Challenger of the Week ! I feel like a proud mama. She is also the Refine Challenger with the Most Hair.

There’s also a helpful Top 8 Rules for Transforming Your Body in 2013 post that me, Missy , Ashley Runningbun and Fiona chose to ignore when we went out for Bloody Marys after class on Sunday. Brynn tweeted us Rule #6.

Ashley RunningBun - Bloody Mary

In your face, Rule #6! OK, bad attitude.


I achieved another one of my resolutions on the first day of 2013 – I got a dog! We named this sweet little Chihuahua/Rat Terrier mix Larry Q. Gray.

Larry = Middle-aged Jewish man name, funny for a little dog
Q. = His shelter name was Quaker
Gray = Andy’s last name; my last name as of June 8

Larry the dog says hi - Dori's Shiny Blog dori and larry sleeping close-up - cute dog - dori's shiny blog Larry the pup digging - Dori's Shiny Blog Larry sleeps like person - dog - Dori's Shiny Blog Larry with toys - pup - Dori's Shiny Blog Larry the dog's badass hoodie - Dori's Shiny Blog Larry Q. Gray all tucked in - dog - Dori's Shiny Blog Dori and Larry Q. passed out on couch - Dori's Shiny Blog Larry on his back - Dori's Shiny Blog Larry stretchy sleep on lap - Chihuahua / Rat Terrier - Dori' Larry Q the dog rough morning - Dori's Shiny Blog Larry sweater - Dori's Shiny Blog

We call him Larry, Larry Q. and LQ along with pup, dog, boy and stupid. Larry is between 1-3 years old and came to North Shore Animal League from a shelter in Alabama.  I don’t know how he ended up in that shelter but he is completely housebroken, so somebody trained him (and we are forever grateful to them). Somebody also likely loved him, because all he wants to do is cuddle with me ALL the time – in some very hilarious positions. I can’t even kneel down without him climbing on my lap. I can’t even pee with the door open! LQ loves laying on his back, which we read means he feels secure with us. I think it means he likes showing off his penis. But really it’s just how the extra adorable pups rest. He did get very comfortable with us very fast. I love when Larry sleeps on his side with his head on the pillow like a person.

Last night I forgot to lock his crate when we went to bed and about an hour later a squirmy little dog was making his way between us in bed! We put him back in his crate, but I can’t stop laughing about it today. I’m really happy I live close to my job because I go home at lunch to walk him. I used to never leave my desk all day long, so seeing LQ at lunchtime  really brightens my day and also causes me to walk an additional 1.5 miles every day!

Edited to add: I wanted to mention our morning routine. I take Larry for a walk and when we get back I drop him in bed with Andy. They cuddle and sleep together while I work out and/or get ready. When Andy gets up Larry just stays in the bed, on his back, being adorable. It is the best part of my day.

Larry is everything Andy and I wanted from a dog, plus he looks like a cow.  I am so happy we happened to go to North Shore on January 1. We were about to leave because we didn’t find anything (lots of dogs were already adopted by the time we got there) and at the last minute said, “I wonder what this dog that’s been curled up asleep the entire time looks like.” I’m glad we did – we fell in love within minutes, and now I am in a better mood all the time.

2013 is off to a really strong start! How are your New Year’s goals going?

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