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Redecorating & Raw Vegan Apple Crumble

Posted Nov 12 2009 10:04pm
So how did Friday finish up for you?  Are we all excited for the weekend?  I know I am because I'm teaching a yoga class Saturday morning like I had mentioned before, and I am soooo excited!  Wish me luck that I don't goof up the heating system or the surround sound.  I'm cool with the yoga, it's the random things of a new studio that can take a class or two to get used to.

I'm glad you enjoyed the Raw Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Balls.  They are one of my fave desserts because they are sooo easy and satisfying!

And the apple crumble recipe that I'm going to give you is the same: so easy, so satisfying!  But first...

Remember a couple weeks ago when I posted some of the pics of my new bedroom furniture but the nightstand I wanted was on back order?

Well the nightstand showed up and I got it in!   You're thinking, well obviously you got it in, you've got a picture of it.  Well, there were a few moments in my driveway as the 92F heat and midday sun were blazing down on me, and Skylar was about to run into the street, and it was pandemonium as I was wrestling the proverbial alligator to get the nightstand out of my backseat.  

I have no idea how the guy at West Elm got it into the car, but I couldn't get it out.  I sweet-talked a random neighbor to come help me get it out.  Nothing like meeting your neighbors by saying "Hi, I have a piece of furniture stuck in my backseat and could you get it out for me?  You'll want to curse at it and sweat buckets, but pretty please, can you help me in the name of home redecorating?"

And he did.  And there's my capiz shell lamp on topof theAlligator I WrestledNew Dresser.

And they got in the 2nd Euro Pillow I was waiting for so now I have two.  Pillows were on back order too.  Who knew? Guess everyone wanted some Fluff in their life.  And yes, the fluffy factor is running high on my bed and I love it.

So moving onto a quick product review.   I received some MimicCream.   A sweetened non-dairy & non-soy cream substitute.

Lactose, Cholesterol, and Gluten-Free

What actually is it then?  Well, you can see from the Nutritional Profile it's a Creamy & Sweetened Nut Milk

It's not as sweet as the So Delicious Vanilla Creamer I purchased, and there's no vanilla flavor to it.  But if you're dairy-free, soy-free or vegan and looking for something thicker than almond milk, without the coconut flavor of say coconut creme, then check this stuff out.  A great "cream" alternative!

For dinner, there was a Cauli, Tomato, and Sugar Snap Pea Salad on top of Greens and decked out with my Homemade Vegan Slaw Dressing.

And in honor of Mama Pea, I had to post this one.  You can use it as your Gravatar if you'd like, Pea!

I whipped up another batch of Raw Vegan Chocolate Coconut Snowballs.  It takes all of 5 minutes to make, but you have to plan ahead for the freezing part.  Lately I've always got a batch in rotation.

As promised, and because it's still fall-like and apples are abound, I thought I'd remind you of how easy and delish my Raw Vegan Apple Crumble recipe is! 
If you've missed the exact ratios of ingredients, check this post out   or this post here for all the nitty gritty.  But here's some of the pics of the un-baking process that went down today.

Almond Meal (which is ground almonds for new readers.  I get lots of private emails on that one.  Grind the almonds yourself, or buy Almond Meal for $4.99 for a bag from TJ's) + Medjool Dates

Grind Til you have your Crumble Crust Mixture in your Canister.

Press into a Container, Sprinkle with Cinnamon if you'd like

Then Take your Apple Pieces, Agave (or Maple Syrup), Cinnamon, Vanilla Extract & Brown Sugar(Last Two are Optional) and Stir.   Again, check here or here for exact amounts.

Pour This Mixture over your Crust

and Make your Crumbly Topping with Oats + Almond Meal + Agave + Brown Sugar ( Brown Sugar is Optional but recommended for authentic-tasting reasons )

Crust + Apple Mixture + Crumbly Topping = Raw Vegan Apple Crumble.   Done in 15 minutes, tops.

Don't Drink the Cinnamon-Agave-Vanilla Extract Juice that is running off your apples & seeping through the containereven though you want to.

Refrigerate for up to 5 Days.  I dare you to get this past 5 Hours.   It's seriously Amazing!  

Oh, and it gets better with age, so if you can make it ahead by 12-24 hours, that's ideal.  But since life is frequently less than ideal, making it 2 minutes prior to eating is perfectly acceptable, too.

Yoga Today is Janu Shirsana A (Head to Knee Forward Bend).  When you're doing this pose, you should have a very slight twisting of your core to be over your extended leg.

Tip of the Day:  This Contest Ends Sunday so Get In on the Green Action!  Seriously, Green & Eco-Friendly Products can be a little pricey, why not try your hand at winning $25 buck-eroo's?

Your chance to win a $25 Online Shopping Spree!  You really need to get on this one to help green up your life, so go Get Entered Now!!!!!

What's your fave thing to do while you're in your car, aside from watching the road which is Job Numero Uno.   Reason I ask is because it looks like I'm going to be teaching yoga classes at a variety of studios and clubs across Phoenix and I am going to have some commute-time on my hands.  Sometimes I like to talk on the phone, other times music, other times silence and just some quiet moments to collect my thoughts. What do you do to pass the time in your vehicle?

Stay Tuned For a Q & A Session...

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