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Red, White, and Blue(berries)

Posted Jul 01 2010 8:00am

In honor of the holiday weekend coming up, today’s breakfast featured some patriotic softserve.

Strawberries, Bananas, and Blueberries come together to make creamy, delicious 4th of July softserve for my overnight oats.

pretty little liars on in the background!

A very satisfying breakfast.

And not only was it satisfying but it featured a new topping that I received yesterday from the fabulous Me and Goji !

Me and Goji is a company  dedicated to bringing their customers the utmost in nutrition and flavor in the form of their morning fuel. Creators Adam, Carl, and Alexander have taken the american staple, breakfast cereal, to a whole new level with customizable mixes, readily available nutritional info and ingredients, and promises of products that not only fuel you in the most healthful way possible but deliver a taste that’s out of this world! Here’s an excerpt from their site about their focus: “america’s favorite breakfast food, cereal, revamped with the nutritional focus of muesli and the flexibility of customization”.

Ever since I came across this site I knew I had to get my hands on one of their thousands of cereal options. The great things about their products is that they are completely customizable to your individual health needs and tastes. Not only do you pick all the ingredients that go into your individual mix ( and they have a ton: 9 different bases, tons of dried fruits, nuts and enhancers) but as you add the nutritional information is updated the side of the screen and at the end you are able to name your personal mix whatever your heart desires. I named mine:

Punny! :) (okay….that was a little corny)

My mix included:

close up on the fruit

I sprinkled some on top of my ONO this morning (I will be trying it ASAP with milk!!!). It had so many different textures from the crunchy shredded wheat to the chewy dried fruit (love the goji’s and the golden raisins). Also the taste and smell from the cinnamon I added in, went perfectly with fruit from my breakfast. I highly suggest you check out  Me and Goji’s  site . Not only do you get a totally unique product, but it’s also really fun to create and experiment with tons of different ingredients.

Big thanks to Carl, Alexander, and Adam of Me and Goji for letting me try your awesome product! I love your company and am definitely a life long customer. Can’t wait to make a hot cereal!


Remember last week when I told you all about the Shakespeare Festival that performs all Summer long right down the street from my house? Well, the show we were supposed to got to was cancelled because of rain, but last night we were finally able to enjoy Much Ado About Nothing.

Truthfully, this was the best show I have ever seen them perform (and I have seen a ton). Here’s a little synopsis of the show in case your not familiar with it:

“This drama is one of the great comedy plays by William Shakespeare. The play revolves around two pairs of lovers, Beatrice and Benedick and Claudio and Hero. The main plot of the play revolves around obstacles to the union of the two young lovers – Claudio and Hero. The love-hate relationship of Beatrice and Benedick features the “merry war” of the sexes. Benedick thinks he hates Beatrice but really loves her and Beatrice who thinks she hates Benedick but really loves him.”

This show is definitely a comedy, and the nice thing about it is that it is written in prose rather than poetry, so it is much easier to understand than most Shakespearean plays. The director chose to set the play in post WW2 1940′s. It worked so well because the show is a musical and the songs from that era fit into the script perfectly. One of the funniest scenes was when the comedic constable took a turn with Aretha Franklin’s “Respect”! It was great.

I love having access to free professional theatre so close to my area. As a professional actor myself, going to performances is one of my favorite activities. I can’t wait to see my first broadway show in September! SO excited.

Off to take Ella for a nice walk before I leave for work. Tonight I am going to see Eclipse!

I have heard good things and hopefully I will like it :)

Ciao for now:


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