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Red Meat vs Stroke Risk

Posted Jan 23 2013 3:00am
Red meat gets blamed for a lot of things:   prostate cancer , colon cancer , diabetes risk & death , among other topics.  So perhaps it shouldn't surprise you that in October 2012, authors published in Stroke a meta-analysis of 6 prospective studies involving 10,630 cases & 329,495 controls after which they concluded that both red, processed & total red meat along w/increase risk of total & ischemic stroke .

While we don't have randomized controlled trials, we do have enough epidemiologic evidence to warrant making fruits & vegetables the mainstay of our nutrition rather than waiting slack-jaw in awe for a higher level of evidence.  Beans, eggs, fish & poultry make for good protein.  Remember that we also need to consume enough fiber & fluids to keep our bowels moving.  Think about this as you shop for your next meal.

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