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Red meat to how to eat just good?

Posted Nov 17 2012 1:18pm
Most people think that red meat is harmful to the body no good, red meat, including cattle and sheep, pigs and other meat. Hermes bag    Red meat is really so useless? The nutritionist Ng Hui Ling said, red meat is rich in protein, iron and zinc, these substances is the body's maintenance of good health. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture data, per 100 grams of lean beef iron content of 2 mg per 100 grams of lean pork containing 0.9 mg of iron.

The protein plays a very important role in the promotion of human growth and development and repair tissue, Hermes handbags outlet  but that does not mean you can eat a lot of red meat, because the excess protein will increase the burden on the kidneys.

Iron is also important nutrients the body needs, because it is the basic element for the manufacture of hemoglobin,  Hermes bags birkin   the greatest responsibility of hemoglobin is to oxygen delivery to body tissue. According to the Singapore Health Promotion Board data, men and women over the age of 60 iron daily recommended intake of 6 mg, and the average woman recommended daily iron intake is 19 mg. Simply, iron, are provided by the 100 grams of lean beef is about one-third of men required daily.

Do not rely on a single food, iron supplementation

Do it every day to eat lean beef? Ng Hui Ling said: "Of course not! Outside in addition to red meat,  Hermes constance bag   other foods also provide us with iron, including whole grains, green leafy vegetables, dried beans, like containing iron. Everyone should eat different food intake of iron, and to iron supplementation does not depend on a single food. "

Undeniably, red meat also has its drawbacks. Ng Hui Ling pointed out that, for the high fat content of red meat than chicken white meat and fish, especially saturated fat,  Hermes wallets   so a lot of eating red meat, likely to cause the body to excessive intake of calories.

Ng Hui Ling found many people believe that the bloody red meat contains more cholesterol, the fact that with everyone's ideas differ, in fact, white meat with red meat also contain cholesterol, Hermes belt  both cholesterol content in very much the same. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture data, per 100 grams of lean beef cholesterol 62 mg, 59 mg cholesterol per 100 grams of lean pork, 64 mg cholesterol per 100 grams of skinless chicken breast, the cholesterol content of the three par .

Red meat to human health, there are advantages and disadvantages, it depends on how you eat.  Hermes watch   Ng Hui Ling said, we must select the fresh red meat, reducing food canned or pickled red meats such as luncheon meat, sausage, ham, bacon, canned and cured meats contain a lot of sodium, unfit to eat.

Members can choose lean meat and Feiyou removed. Not the same amount of fat contained in the different parts of the pork, Hermes bangle  100 g of pork bellies a fat content of 53 g, the ribs fat content of 100 g of 23 g pig waist fat content of 14 g the arm head meat and fat content of 11 grams.

One o'clock Ng Hui Ling to remind everyone: expensive and beef (Wagyu beef),  cheap hermes jewelry   not because of its nutrient-rich, in fact, the proportion of fat (fat), and beef protein and iron content than ordinary beef because of its fat meat attributable to the higher proportion.

Steaming stew is the ideal way of cooking

Ng Hui Ling said, choosing the right ingredients, they still have to pay attention to the cooking method. Fried meat fat and calories will greatly increase;  Hermes shoes women  grilled not only do not need to add additional oil to better extract the meat in oil. In addition to grilled, with a non-stick pan with less oil fried foods meat also can use low-fat cooking methods. Similarly, steaming and stewing are the ideal way of cooking. Of course, when cooked to control the usage of good high sodium seasonings.

Wu Hui Ling also suggest that you try with meat and vegetables. Such as the meat sliced,  Hermes boots   chopped into minced or pork pot with cooking with vegetables. Pork films added asparagus, carrots and celery, lean meat, minced and added to the stew meat eggplant and garlic together steamed. This will not only avoid eating excessive meat, can help increase the intake of dietary fiber.

Ng Hui Ling said, do choice steak heat is not as good as we imagined it. The steak itself without carbohydrates, Hermes evelyne  fiber, vitamins A and C, eat steak readers should pay attention to the meat and vegetables to match, such as vegetables and potato.

The local cooking meat using a lot of oil and seasonings, pork fried in oil, then a thick sweet and sour sauce and pour over the meat. The results the pork turned around becomes a high-fat (especially saturated fat), high-calorie and high-sodium and Sour Pork.  Birkin bag hermes   Look Malay food dry beef curry, dry curry mutton or beef curry has a lot of fat (especially saturated fat have a negative impact on cholesterol levels), plus cooking these foods, add oil and coconut milk, Ng Hui Ling said, these are by no means healthy eating.

The above dishes are hidden all people too much heat, if not calories consumed, it will turn into fats and lead to weight gain, and cause other health problems.  Hermes shoes   Ng Hui Ling is well aware of the food, not everyone can control is maintained. She suggested that the entertainment work, can not escape the temptation of food, we can do it only by avoiding the amount eaten a.

She said, red meat should be only part of a healthy and balanced diet. The growing number of studies found that red meat closely related with certain types of cancer, Hermes purse wallet  the World Cancer Research Fund also pointed out that an excessive amount of red meat is a cause of colorectal cancer, one of the reasons, the Foundation recommends weekly consumption of red The meat should not exceed 500 g (which is the weight of the cooked).

     In short, the body is your own, eat healthy, last to benefit from their own, can avoid a family to worry about.
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