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Red Is the Flavor to Stay Fit

Posted Apr 29 2013 6:16am

Great news for the health and beauty conscious, scientists are approaching a medical breakthrough in longevity. A new drug that can combat aging is now being researched by scientists and is expected to be made available within the next five years.


Surprisingly, wine is the star for this health and cosmetic breakthrough.

The drug termed as a miracle aging pharmaceutical is a synthetic version of Resveratrol, a compound found in red wine. The anti aging effect is owing to the protein boosting character of resveratol which fortifies the protein SIRT1 which is responsible for aging in humans.


Wine has a few other health benefits when drunk in moderation. Wine drinkers are said to have a 34 percent lower mortality rate than beer drinkers. Moderate drinking of wine (1-2 glasses) is believed the lower the risk of cholesterol and reduces the chances of heart attack. A chemical named procyanidins found in Red wine tannins protects against heart diseases. Wine is also believed to reduce the risk of cataracts and has cosmetic benefits like clearing skin tone. Moderate drinkers of wine show a reduced decline of Brain function with age when compared to non drinkers.


Breakthrough in resveratrol show promising results for aging related benefits. Research with resveratrol has been conducted over the last decade but scientists now see health and aging related contributions from the compound as a clear probability. The drug is right now strictly in the research phase and is being tested as a cure for cancer, diabetes, heart diseases and other age related complications. Compounding Specialist believe that the pharmaceutical has the capability of targeting individual enzymes in the body which are responsible for aging, making a cure for Alzheimer's disease and type 2 diabetes viable in the near future. Genetics professor David Sinclair says 'Ultimately, these drugs would treat one disease, but unlike drugs of today, they would prevent 20 others. In effect this would slow down aging.


The miracle drug is being deemed the biggest scientific breakthrough of the century and may be a solution to aging introducing life spans of up to 150 years. 

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