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Red and Blue Hair

Posted May 10 2012 6:19am

Happy Thursday! This week has been an UPHILL battle. Even though we are nearing Friday, I still feel like I’ve got a ways to go. Why?  Well, because it is spirit week at school!

Sure, spirit week is a lot of fun and students and teachers alike get to celebrate their school and show support through a variety of activities. But, I can also tell you that this is a very tiring time for teachers!  We have a uniform – and this week has events that allow students to dress down each day. Students tend to behave a little different when they are out of uniform because it is as if all rules do not apply!


Tuesday was twin day.I twinned it up with my grade partner. She also did the Tough Mudder (but on Sunday)… so we sore our orange headbands and the black shirts we got at the finish. I also raced my students on this day. They all think they are faster then me. So, I had to prove them wrong. While I did prove them wrong, this idea proved to be stupid because my legs were still too sore to engage in a full out sprint. I ended up having difficulty stopping my body – and hurt my wrists when I slammed into a brick wall on the other side of the finish line. Oh well. I still won. (Yes, I am competitive with 7 and 8 year olds…)



These girls did the best job of twinning. It is only because one of the girls mom went to the store and purchased outfits for BOTH girls. This was really kind so I had one of the students write a thank you note!


Wednesday was WACKY Wednesday. The kids had out of control outfits on. Shirts backwards, shorts over pants, mismatched shoes, socks, and crazy colors. A lot of girls came in with there hair not done with some wacky afros as well!



I personally just wore a tie-die shirt and some zebra converse shoes because the outfit I wanted to wear (purple leggings) are down in storage and I was to lazy to get them! If you look closely at my braids, you will see my hair is also red and blue. I used food coloring. I used to do this with green food coloring on Saint Patrick’s Day when I was younger.

Let me warn you: If you have some sort of event that you want uncolored hair for that is in the near future (ie.. your BRIDAL SHOWER) .. DON’T USE FOOD COLORING! I showered.. washed, washed, washed (and conditioned).  When I looked in the mirror, I found that my hair still had red and blue in it.



F*@#^&*!  My bridal shower is SATURDAY. I think I am going to have to spend ALL of my free time in the shower until that point.  My appearance is REALLY shaping up for this shower. I have black and blue legs that are looking worse than ever (you know how bruises get all NASTY when they are healing).. and now I have blue, red, and blonde hair! Seriously, Caitlin?! WHY WOULD YOU PUT FOOD COLORING IN YOUR HAIR 3 DAYS BEFORE YOUR SHOWER!?!?



On the flip side, today is sports day. I am wearing my Giants jersey. (Let’s pretend it is NOT a Plaxico Burress jersey). My hair has Giants colors in it. That counts for something.. right?!  RIGHT?!?!

I can’t change anything now.. but I am hoping for the best (and digging for tips on how I may be able to get this crap out of my hair).  Ooh..the things I do for my kiddies! ;)


This week is also Teacher Appreciation Week (shout out to my teachers! :) )  Up until today, our treats have been in the form of donuts and danishes (no thanks). However,today they have massage people coming in. I am looking forward to my 10 minute massage. Maybe THEY will have some suggestions for my hair!!


Have a great day! ( And don’t forget to enter my giveaway that ends tonight! )



Did you have spirit week growing up? What was it like?


How can I get this damn food coloring out of my hair?!


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