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Recovery Runs & Jogging at Intersections

Posted Apr 02 2013 2:42pm
April 100 Update:
4/1/13: 3 mile recovery run (26:57) and 2.4 mile puppy walk
April Total: 5.4 miles

1. Recovery Runs
I just realized (1.5 years into my affair with running) that I NEVER slow my roll/pace in training runs... even when I'm supposed to. I'm always trying to run superfast. so fast it's one word. This gives me zero time to recover for my speed work days. Which, basically, means I skip them because they're scary.

No more.

On strict mileage days (run 3 miles, run 1:45 minutes, etc), I am going to run at a SUPER comfortable pace. This means I won't see any 8 minute miles on these runs... I hate this already. But, I have this insatiable need to be faster so I MUST slow down to gain speed. 

Wait, what?

Recovery runs are designed for a multitude of things:
- shake out the DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness), 
- spend time on your feet so they're used to longer mileage, and
- to make you run when you'd rather eat a cupcake or five and watch The Following (what a creepy show). 

None of these reasons are speed-related. They're the opposite, they're recovery. This is my attempt at becoming a smart runner. God, help me now.

2. Jogging at Intersections
Admittedly, I used to do this. My thought process went something like this:

Approach busy intersection and think...

"I'm a super fast runner, look at me, I don't even stop when there's a red light. I'm so dedicated to my run I just jog in place. I'm so much fitter than you sitting in your car with that M-dot sticker on your window... wait, what's that M-dot mean, anyway? Gosh, I'm getting tired but I'll show you, red light!! I'm just going to keep jogging here because I don't know how to work my watch to pause it and why would I? I look super cool jogging in place right now."

No, I didn't look super cool jogging in place, by myself, at an intersection. And neither do you.

Quit it. Learn how to work your watch, stop it and your run when you reach an intersection. When the light is green or the intersection is clear, look both ways, start your watch and continue your run. Don't be a dummy jogging in place at the intersection. We ALL know what you're thinking now and we'll be laughing at you, not with you.

Hugs and Kisses,

p.s. Who is doing the April 100 with me? Leave me a comment so I know!
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