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Reconnecting with Life.

Posted Dec 06 2012 8:37am
Sweaty Results: 
Sidelined this week. Consulted Magic 8 Ball on whether or not sweaty sesh will be back next week and "Signs point to yes."

Two important things today;

1. I have no voice. Unimportant except I teach for a living. Whisper yoga, anyone?
2. I'm reconnecting with life. Unimportant except I blog for a living. Ahem, I blog just for fun but same difference. 

Miss Mauka  has taught me a lot these past few days. Most importantly, she's taught me to be grateful for sleep. SLEEEEEEEP. How I love thee. I will always treasure you. Forever and ever and ever.

All dramatics aside, Mauka slept through the night last night. Her idea of sleeping though the night is 9:00pm - 5:00am with one potty break at 4:30am. If there were an award for Best Puppy Ever she'd be a strong contender. And if I were judging, she'd take home the gold for shizzle. duh.
Mauka says Aloha Kakahiaka!
Now that I'm finally sleep revived, I'm realizing that my absence from the world wide web has been a bit refreshing. Like a cool shower on a melt-the-clothes-right-off-you kinda day. 

I'm whispering talking with people again. I'm enjoying the company of my furry friends and I'm slowing down. Having a new puppy and an old cat that is spectacular with said puppy makes me appreciate the little things in life.
I think dear Albert just called me an idiot. 

p.s. I haven't run in three days. My whole no-voice-thing-plus-cough coupled with our new pup has left me run-less and workout-less. Unless you count the countless laps I've completed in my slippers and robe in our backyard. Thankfully, with a puppy chasing after me or I might be committed have myself committed. 

I miss my runs. I need some time to myself. To keep life simple. To reconnect. This weekend I plan to do just that. See, even crazy marathoners take time off when time off is needed. 

With that, I bid you farewell. Maybe I'll write more tomorrow, maybe not. My wish for you between now and when we connect again is this:

May you reconnect with the little things in life. May you find joy in the simplicity of life itself.  
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