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Recipe Time - Vegetable Lasagna

Posted Dec 29 2009 4:40pm
After all the junk I consumed over the past week I was ready for some veggies, so I decided to make a veggie lasagna for dinner tonight. 

First I put down a layer of lasagna noodles. On top of that I poured a can of diced tomatoes (the kind with oregano and basil in it) and chopped mushrooms. I put the mushrooms in the Cuisinart b/c I hate chopping veggies.

Next I took a small container of light ricotta cheese and added 1 egg, garlic salt, oregano and diced dried onions and mixed together.

I then layered the ricotta cheese mix on top of another layer of noodles and added some spaghetti sauce.

Next I chopped up some artichokes hearts in the Cuisinart.

Layered the hearts with some defrosted frozen spinach and added some light mozzarella cheese.

Next another layer of noodles and I added on zucchini and summer squash.

Last another layer of noodles and some more cheese.

I then put the lasagna into the oven for 1 hour at 350 degrees.  You know its done when you can stick a fork through the squash easily, that's why I always put the squash layer (or sometimes I use parsnips too) on top.

While the lasagna cooked Gary and I did a yoga DVD.  We got all the way through it, but Harper kept trying to play along too.  She was under me for all my downward dogs, pulling on my legs   Ignore Gary's shirt, he likes to wear his tshirts until they fall apart.

The final product turned out really well. 

Gary and I are snuggling down to watch Food Inc now. I am prepared to be depressed.  I have tried to be a vegetarian before, but I really am going to make more of an effort to eat a lot less meat in the new year.  Everyone in the US needs to be forced to watched this movie and Fast Food Nation.  It's crazy what has become of our food.  Ugh.

Speaking of depressing. I read The Road:

Ack. On one hand I loved it, I read the whole thing in one day, but on the other hand I just hated it. It is so so so sad. It just devastated me.  Have you read it? Have you seen the movie? I wanted to see the movie really badly, but I am totally haunted by some of the cannibal scenes in the book and I'm not sure I want to see them played out on screen!  If you've seen the movie, let me know what you thought.  I also finished Shutter Island by Dennis Lehane.  It was really trippy and I can't wait to see the movie adaptation.

What's the best book you've read lately?
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