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Recipe Review #4 & #5 & 3rd Place Medal

Posted Jul 30 2011 4:10pm
During the Twenty Valley Weekend Challenge I received 3rd place in my category in the 5K. Unfortunately I did not stick around for the award ceremony and I had no idea I had received a 3rd place since I did not see results posted anywhere and my daughter was hungry for dinner. When I did see the results after the weekend was over I was so disappointed I did not stick around for the award ceremony. I have gotten 3rd place twice and both times completely unaware. The first time was the Angus Glen 10K last year.

I did email Jerry at Instride , to see if it was possible to still get my 3rd place medal and he was more than happy to send it to me. I was so impressed. I have emailed him before for race related questions and he has always been helpful. If you are interested in running races in the Niagara Region, please check out a list of their races. They are by far the most organized races I have done.

So here are my 3 medals from that weekend.
Recipe Review

Vanessa from, " Vanessa Runs " has me reviewing "Anita Stewart's Canada : The Food/The Recipes/The Stories".

Today I will post two recipe reviews. We are heading to the cottage for a week next Saturday so I want to get most of these recipe reviews posted before then.

The first recipe is Peppery Portuguese Fish Stew (Caldeirada). I was super excited to try this recipe. As I mentioned before my background is Portuguese and I love almost all Portuguese food. I try not to eat potatoes, just empty starch, but I decided to make this recipe anyways because it just looked like it would be delicious.

I really liked that the recipe stated to layer the main ingredients and then season each layer. I have never cooked anythng in that manner before. So the main layers were: onions, tomatoes, peppers, potatoes and garlic. Then each layer was seasoned with: parsley, mint, olive oil, pimento sauce, salt and pepper. Then topped with bay leaves.

Once the potatoes were soft you placed the fish on top, I used cod fillets since they are our favourite.

While it was cooking the house smelled unbelievable. My daughter even came running into the kitchen asking "what smells so good?"

I had decided to pair this with a fresh green salad made with all the yummy items from my vegetable garden.

This recipe was an absolute hit with the whole family. The flavours of this dish almost danced on your tongue. The combination of the garlic, fresh parsley and pimento sauce was definately what made this recipe a winner. This recipe will definately be made again, perhaps on special occasions.

The second recipe is Nova Scotian Rhubarb Cobbler. I have never been a big fan of rhubarb so I thought I would make a recipe that took me out of my comfort zone. My neighbours have alot of rhubarb growing and they are always bringing some over for me so I knew I had to try this recipe.

This is definately not a recipe I would try if I was not reviewing a book, the ingredients are far from healthy in my mind. The only item is the rhubarb that has some nutritional value. So I made this my one cheat/treat of the week and hoped I was not disappointed.

This recipe consisted of sugar, salt, cornstarch, rhubarb, water, flour, baking powder, butter and milk. Like I said, not my type of recipe.

It was a quick and easy recipe to make and this is the final outcome.

It looked really yummy but I have to say this was not a flavourful recipe. The cobbler on top which was just flour, butter and milk reminded me of very stale white starchy bread. The rhubarb underneath was a sticky substance thanks to the cornstarch that seemed to stick to the roof of your mouth. This is one of the worse recipes I have made. My daughter hated it, my husband said it was edible but most of it went to our dog, he loves absolutely everything. Woudl I make this recipe again.....never!

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