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recipe for a good run

Posted Mar 04 2013 8:45am
I've got a recipe for you all today. But it doesn't require a trip to the grocery store, utensils, or the use of any appliances. And it's not one of those delicious ooey-gooey no-bake chocolate oat cookies, either.

It's a recipe for a good run. And its easier to put together than you think

  • Scheduling them in advance: knowing that I have a long run coming up on Sunday gives me alllllll week to visualize myself finishing and coming home to puppy/fiance kisses.
  • Planning my route: even if I'll be running on a trail, seeing the path I will cover allows me to marvel at how far my legs will carry me. It also reminds me that I need to proper fuel and rest if I am going to ask that of my body.
  • Plan a yummy post-run meal: Mike is an amazing omelette maker, and he often has one of his delicacies waiting for me when I get home. Or better yet, we head to Bruegger's or brunch after a quick shower :)
  • Run with a friend: Running with a friend makes the miles go by so much faster! Plus, you have their face and conversation to look forward to, and are held accountable to your plans. (This is mostly true for canine friends as well :))
  • Plan out a playlist: Even though I'm a music junkie, I use the same playlist every run (if it ain't broke, why fix it?), but lots of people get pumped by putting together a playlist of stuff they'll look forward to hearing while pounding the pavement. 
  • Visualize the finish: Lately, this has meant thinking about what kind of silly collage I can make and share on instagram . I know, it's totally lame. But when you're training, you need to create some sort of virtual finish line for yourself, right? :)
  • This all just goes to say that anyone can run! All you need is a little self-confidence and preparation, and the power of positive thought will get you over the finish line. 

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