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Recent Meals and Workouts…

Posted Sep 29 2012 7:54am

i suck at post titles…but anyway, HI! long time no blogging. i DID end up saying YES TO THE DRESS LAST WEEK !!! <—– sooooo excited. it is going to take 8 months to come in , so i’m glad we went early! uhmm i can’t wait to wear it :)

onto the food talk!

if it could justttt stay this nice all year around I would be so happy. I love fall so much and I can still get good use out of the grill

actually who am I kidding? I am definitely the girl outside grilling in a winter coat and gloves while there is a blizzard going on. the things we do for a good steak…

fall baking with pumpkin and apples has begun! I love pumpkin and all squash like every other blogger out there, so I’ll spare you the obsessed-about- pumpkin post

[there is nothing better than the smell of your house filled with apples and cinnamon. And baked donuts.]

I’m slowly making the transition into more cooked vegetables and warming foods, but sill enjoying a salad when the mood hits. I took a break for a  while from eating tons of broccoli but now that its back in season…

its back in my belly

oh and one pot meals! love those. below: salad with goat cheese, and herbed chicken legs that i cooked in butter and then added bone broth, plus chopped carrots and celery and extra herbs for flavor, with collard greens on the side


Other recent eats:

chocolate pancake made with coconut flour, eggs, & cacao,  topped with coconut oil [that melted] , plus raspberries and strawberries. there is about 1-2 mornings out of the week that i’m actually home to eat breakfast, so i try to enjoy it with my black coffee and savor it.

and the meal that never gets old…

eggs. avocado. paleo bread. chives.

my schedule lately has been basically fitting in a workout every other day- so getting 4 workouts in during the week. good enough for me to keep my sanity and maintain muscle. usually i’ll get in 3 heavy lifts, doubling up with muscle groups, and do one day of either a circuit or a walk outside with a few sprints thrown in. example this week:

Sunday: full body circuits

Monday- Off

Tuesday: Shoulders

Wednesday- Off

Thursday: Bis + Tris

Friday: Legs

Saturday- Off

Since I didn’t hit chest and back, i’ll do it next week with triceps, and switch everything around based on how I feel and what I did/didn’t work the week before. or sometime i’ll do pull ups between leg exercises and make it a leg/back day. that one is a killerrr :)


Question: Are you focusing more on weights or cardio this fall? Usually with the season changing people focus on different stuff, take a break, or train for runs etc. I really want to do a 5k for fun just to see how I’d do. With workouts, I’m just getting in what I can and focusing on lifting as usual. I really need to make yoga + meditation more consistent with my schedule too.

Have a great weekend!

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