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Recent Eats + Dealing with Stress Eating

Posted Jun 13 2012 9:21am

So what the heck have I been eating lately?  I whole lotta stuff. Keeping things simple and quick, but still tasty and filling. Gotta keep the brain fueled while finishing this semester up


Eggs & Veg

Quick Snacks:

Chocolate blueberry shakes and (below) peanut butter banana shake

More eggs! My favorite food if you haven’t noticed..

Juicing: Carrots, lemon and lime, celery, ginger, and apples

Enjoying lots of fresh strawberries: turkey salad on spinach with goat cheese, strawberries and onion (one of the best combos- never.leave.out.goat cheese!)

Easy dinners: Burger Station! Here we had a big salad with a side of beets, and burger toppings include the usual onion, avocado, homemade raw sauerkraut and tomato

The burger of my dreams that I could eat daily and never get sick of…(and my thoughts on choosing to eat grass fed red meat here )

Afternoon snacks:

Shakes on the go during my commutes (one container is never big enough)

And evening gardening snacks :)

This guy will be big before the end of the week!

I’ve also been conscious about getting more omega 3′s from food sources, so I’ve been eating sardines 2-3 times a week (mashed with avocado + nutritional yeast + herbs/spices and its GOOD trust me!), eggs, grass fed beef and butter (yes, buttterrr), and salmon.

I have a tendency to get very stressed and anxious around big exams and deadline time. I’ve realized that in the past, if I’m not properly eating enough of the right stuff, I’ll stress eat and crave food like you wouldn’t believe. Some people stress and loose their appetite. I stress and eat. I’ve learned to try to control it because its definitely a downward spiral for me particularly, and its a very unhealthy relationship to have with food.

That being said, I’ve had plenty of evening “stress eats” these past few weeks. No one is perfect and sometimes I could care less about it. I get over it and move on. <—easier said than done, but beating yourself up about it just makes you more stressed

Its a tricky balance to find because its important to give into cravings at times. Once I start feeling like I’m restricting myself and the craving won’t go away after a considerable amount of time, I absolutely eat it or find a healthy alternative, or else thats where issues start for me given my past “all or nothing” binging attitute. Which I still have sometimes. I’m a work in progress :) But considering where I’ve been and how far I’ve come, I think the most important thing is to always give your body the right nutrition and good quality food throughout the day.  The past two years I’ve increased my fat intake MORE than the average norm of “get your healthy fats in!” and I’ve noticed a huge change in my health and cravings. I swapped packaged bars and other food for very wholesome and clean ingredients and its made a huge difference. If your struggling with this, just know that its best to do it in baby steps. Small efforts over time add up!

Okay I’m done blabbering away :)

What are your favorite meals lately? 

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