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Recapturing Trust

Posted Jan 03 2011 11:28am
Happy New Year to one and to all! I didn't get my post in last Thursday - just too much to do on vacation. But now it's back to the same old grind - just a new year. A year full of potential and only 2+ days old. Possibilities Journey, Inc, ( celebrated its one year incorporation anniversary on December 17th - hard to believe that it has been that long. One day at a time soon adds up to 365 it seems. ;-)

Today's post is all about trust - or lack thereof, which leads to a decrease in our individual and communal health, wellness and wholeness (HW2). The secular world tells us over and over that we need to stand up for ourselves and be independent. The aura of invincibility comes from being stronger, faster, smarter and more wealthy than anyone else (or at least our closest competitors). The problem with this information, however, is that reality comes crashing in and shows us quite clearly that as individuals, we are as broken as anyone else (including our neighbors).

This disconnect between what the world wants us to believe and reality creates disonance and confusion. We are afloat withou a paddle (sometimes without a boat, too) and we don't know what or whom to trust. Thus, we become fearful, negative, and confrontational - and we go running from one narrative to another trying to find out what is true - and who(m) we can trust.

Health care is suffering from this lack of trust as well. Less and less time spent with practitioners, more and more mis-information readily available to people who at times can't interpret it correctly, and a culture of "hurry" all lead us to the brink of a collapse in our individual and communal HW2. Yet, recapturing trust is what we really need to do in order to fix what is most broken in our systems. Our world of constant distractions and hurry keeps us from feeling like we have time to spend with anyone - least of all our health advisory team. Our distracted natures also keep us from actively listening and considering what is being said on our behalf, so we don't even make use of the good information and direction that we are presented with.

Rebuilding or recapturing trust is a job that takes work - work from all parties involved. Elected officials need to seek real input from constituents; health lobbyists need to consider the broader HW2 picture; all have to admit that "business as usual" has not worked, costs too much, and has quality that is sub-optimal; and individuals need to take more responsibility for their HW2. Once dialogue begins, then the trust building can start. Until dialogue begins, we will be saddled with the same, lame system that we have built over the last 60+ years.

So, new about new dialogue? Dialogue that is inclusive, positive, transformational, bold, healing, risky, constructive, active and trustworthy. In other words, dialogue that redeems. In this way, we will begin to build a better world.


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