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Recap and Recovery

Posted Jun 04 2010 8:45pm

Woah! When you take off three days from school, you miss a lot. My classes move so fast with reviewing and learning new material that it is really hard to catch up if you miss anything. That is the reason for my short blogging hiatus. But now I am caught up (for the most part) and back in blogging action. And b0y do I have  a lot to talk about.

First up: I want to finish up my recap of my trip to San Diego, all in all it was fabulous! After or eventful Saturday my sister, her boyfriend, and I went hiking at the beautiful Torey Pines nature park.

Can you help save me money on my car insurance, mate?


I could not get over the scenery here. It was like a mixture of desert, forest, and a coastal escape. So beautiful! A funny thing happened while we were hiking as well, we spotted a man and woman wearing Buffalo Bills hats and got to talking about how we are all from B-L0. Go figure, being on the most Western part of the country we come across people  from our hometown that happen to be walking in the same path, on the same route, and on the same day as us. Coincidence? :) (by the way be dure top check out All Buffalo Sports Blog if you are a B-Lo sports fan, my sister’s boyfriend just started it and it rocks!)

Sunday started with some fab pancakes and then we shuffled along downtown making our way to Petco Park to see the Padres play the Washington Nationals! Very exciting game.

They ended up winning in the ELEVENTH inning with a walk off single! Gooo Padres!

Memorial Day was spent on the beautiful Pacific Island of Santa Catalina, about an hour ride by ferry from Long Beach, CA. I can’t even describe how picturesque and beautiful this place was. Its mountainous beauty was only surmounted by its European feel (it reminded me of a Greek city, with bungalows built right into the mountain side).

With just a day on this island, we actually did  a lot. We biked the length  of the island, braving hills to reach the beautiful, indigenous botanical gardens, visited the beach club, ate at one of the stylish cafe’s, visited some of the quaint shops, and our most daring adventure of the day, snorkeled in 55 degree water. Brrrrrr! It was freezing, but Dan and I braved the cold to snorkel at the number 9 salt water snorkeling spot in the world. It was so worth it! Thousands of fish surrounded us, schools, colorful fish, long fish, flat fish, all kinds. The best part was we only had to go out about 30 ft. from the shore to see all of these wonderful creatures. It was a wonderful experience.

Some pics:

hard to see orange fishes in the water

botanical gardens

And if all that wasn’t exciting enough, I have three product reviews today for ya!

First up: Voskos (Fabulous) Greek Yogurt!

My oh my, this stuff is good. So far they have the best flavors of Greek yogurt I have ever been offered. They sent me a samples of each one of their varieties, and they have a lot. They offer nonfat, lowfat, and original yogurts in all-natural and organic and their flavors include: Wild Blueberry, Honey Vanilla Bean, Exotic Fig (no words :) ), Wild Strawberry, and Greek Honey (can’t wait to compare with Chobani).


As soon as I opened this package, I was im mediately drawn to the Exotic Fig flavor. I have just recently discovered my love of figs and knew this flavor would be amazing. And it did not disappoint! THE BEST FLAVOR OF YOGURT I HAVE EVER HAD! Partly because it is so unique and partly because of its great flavor. There is a whopping 24 grams of protein packed into each 5.3 oz serving and tons of calcium. I also tried the plain and was equally as pleased with its creaminess and texture. The plain  is pretty much your standard greek yogurt… definitely nothing to complain about there. You can find info on these yogurts on their site and can become a fan of them on Facebook! Go get em!

Second on my list of reviews: Pure Organic Raw Fruit and Nut Bars

What is with companies offering such amazing flavors lately? Pure sent me Cranberry Orange, Cherry Cashew, Apple Cinnamon, Trail Mix, Wild Blueberry, and Chocolate Brownie….all made with the best of the best ingredients and sweetened with agave nectar. With a larabar-esque texture and very enticing flavors, these bars are winners in my books. The company acknowledges that there is a full serving of fruit , organic protein,  omega-3′s, vegan in each bar, and are very proud of the things not found in their products. No refined sugars, dairy or soy, cholesterol, or trans fats. Pretty good right?

I tried the Chocolate Brownie for an afternoon snack yesterday and really enjoyed it (and I am not even a big chocolate person). I think it would be perfect to quell someones chocolate craving and for a healthy, light snack. The sweetness from the dates (chewy and soft) and the agave mix perfectly with the cocoa powder to create a perfectly chocolatey treat. If anyone has ver had Clif Nectar Chocolate Walnut bars (which were sadly discontinued) these are comparable in taste and texture to those. Really excited to try the cherry cashew and trail mix flavor…. I will let you guys know what I think when i do. These tasty bars can be found at Trader Joes if you’re lookin’!

And lastly: Clif C bars

The newest addition to the Clif family “lightly baked fruit and nut bars with a hint of sea salt and lots of flavor” . These bars are 70% organic and come in four flavors: apple, raspberry, cherry-pomegranate, and blueberry. The apple and the raspberry flavors are unsweetened while the fruit in the Cherry Pomegranate and the Blueberry are sweetened with a touch of evaporated cane juice. So have I have tried the Apple and the raspberry flavor and liked both. While a bit mushy, I found that if you stick the bars in the fridge they are quite enjoyable. They taste exactly like the their labels suggest and are great for a quick pick me up. The bars are on the small side so I would suggest combining them with some whole grains and dairy for a complete snack. Overall, very tasty.

Thanks to all the companies that sent me products to review recently they have been great!

Well this has been a long post :) ….lots to say I guess! But before I sign off for today I have another giveaway opportunity for you all. Voskos  has generously offered a sample of their yogurts to one lucky reader. SO, to enter the giveaway you have two options:

1. post on Facebook or tweet about my blog and the giveaway

2. leave a comment telling me something you are excited for this summer

You can enter using both methods for more entries! Good luck and keep on reading, I love all of your feedback!

Hope your day is as sunny as mine has been! Happy Friday!


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