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Reasons to Get Rhinoplasty

Posted Oct 30 2012 3:31am 1 Comment

When the nose is well shaped and is beautiful, it complements the other facial features contributing to the overall attractiveness of the face. Many people are not happy with the shape, size and length of their nose. Rhinoplasty is the procedure that will help correct the structure of the nose. There are many skilled and experienced plastic surgeons that provide rhinoplasty for women as well as men who desire to reshape their nose, and improve the overall symmetry of the face.

Ensure Balance and Improved Facial Symmetry with Nose Surgery

Rhinoplasty is a nose surgery performed for corrective as well as aesthetic purposes. A balance of function and form is brought about by this procedure. The nose is made to look more attractive and breathing too becomes easier. At a reputable plastic surgery center, many complaints of the nose such as the following can be addressed:

- A wide dorsum
- A high dorsum
- Bulbous tip
- Narrow dorsum
- A tip that is too high or is too low
- Nose that is very large

The main reasons for getting rhinoplasty done are:

To achieve symmetry
Facial symmetry is important if the face is to look attractive. If the nose is even slightly off-center, the overall symmetry of the face is substantially affected. With rhinoplasty, uneven nostrils, crooked bridge or an off-center nose can be treated effectively. The overall appearance of the face is greatly improved.

To address breathing difficulties
With rhinoplasty surgery, the breathing difficulties are alleviated if the cause is nostril collapse or a deviated septum. When nostril collapse or deviated septum results in breathing problems and surgery is required, coverage is provided by almost all the insurance companies.

To improve the shape of the nose
Common complaints are a too small or a too large bridge, and narrow or excessively wide nostrils. Rhinoplasty addresses these concerns, improving the appearance of the face.

To improve the size of the nose

An enormous role is played by the size of the nose when it comes to aesthetic balance of the face. A subtle change can in fact produce a noticeable difference.

To help avoid snoring

Often, chronic snoring is seen due to deviated septum. A deviated septum is caused by injury to the nose or during childbirth. There are many insurance companies that provide coverage to rhinoplasty for a deviated septum. Corrections can be made in the size, symmetry as well as the shape of the nose.

There are many plastic surgeons who also perform septoplasty for repairing deviated septum and turbinate reduction. The surgeon would perform this for providing a pleasing nasal appearance. Simultaneously, breathing difficulties are corrected as well.

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Thanks for the article, I'm having <gt; next month so it's great to read up
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