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Really red meat will kill me?

Posted Mar 27 2012 5:36pm
So a few weeks ago a Harvard Study came out saying that red meat will kill you.

I've read the study and I've read the responses to the study. So you can read responses on Robb Wolf's blog, or Mark Sisson's Daily Apple.

The truth is at the end of the article about the study - it just pissed me off.

So far pretty much anything you eat or drink or look at can somehow kill you, maim you or cause some kind of cancer... seriously. It feels that way on any giving day reading so called health publications...

Personally - i think you'd have to work pretty hard at eating enough red meat to kill you. Well healthy organic grass fed red meat.

Junk food that's a whole other story - it will kill you too just a whole lot quicker.

All you have to do is watch Super Size Me from years ago to see your blood work will be messed up after just 30 days of fast food meals.

If you want to find a study that says something is bad for you... - you 'll find it.

If you want to find a study that says something is good for you - you'll likely find that too.

So my take on the everything i like to eat may kill me...ignore it.

  • Eat paleo style of at least old fashioned.  This means clean, real food that is not pumped up on additives or preservatives or sugar or 'stuff'. A quarter of your plate should be good meat, and the rest should be vegetables, preferably green and colourful.
  • Eat it in moderation - not too much, not too little.
  • Don't drink sugar or drugged drinks....
  • Move more - use your muscles.
  • That's it. 

    Sounds easy - we know it's not.

    Coffee update:

    So yes it hasn't been that hard to go mostly cold turkey. Did 2 weeks without it and felt good. Now I have 1 coffee a week on Saturday and that's good.

    I would say I feel more calm and less racy around. Nothing too crazy though. So is it worth giving up coffee? Ask me in a few weeks - I've just started my early morning get my ass ready for bikini weather routine...doing lunges without coffee at 5:15 sounds hideous so we'll see how long it lasts. 

    in health,


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