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Reality Check & Reality TV

Posted Jan 25 2012 5:11pm

Yesterday was a bad day and, to be honest, I was feeling pretty sorry for myself for most of the day. As we know, this is never a good thing. Personally, I find the more I internalize things and make my life’s situations all about “me,” I become more distanced from my true self and closed off from others. Yucky! Does anyone relate to this or am I just babbling?

Regardless, I was slapped in the face with a reality check this morning. I didn’t watch the State of the Union address last night (sorry, 12 hours of school and homework…the last thing I wanted was policitcs) but while running on the treadmill, The Today Show flashed the most beautiful image on the TV screen:

( Source )

To see how far Gabby Giffords has come in just one year is positively unreal. She survived a situation most people wouldn’t, and the mere act of her survival is a miracle. Even more impressive is the strength and grace she has shown. The above moment was such a beautiful one and it made me thankful and blessed for my health and happiness. I was panting and blubbering like an idiot (on the treadmill, mind you!) for about 30 seconds. Long story short, it lit a fire in me and allowed me to really put things into perspective.


Today’s workout began with the Tone it Up Thanksgiving SHREDmill workout ! I cut the hour-long session in half to make it a 30-minute workout. It was the perfect prequel to a new, lower-body circuit that I created last night. (Note: complete 20 reps of each move and complete the entire circuit 3 times!)

Love Your Lower Body!


Squat with a Side Kick (do both sides)

Heat Waves

Plank Jacks

Ballet Barre Straight-Leg Lifts*

Ballet Barre Pendulum Swings*

Plank Jacks

Ballet Barre Bent-Leg Side Raises*

Ballet Barre Bent-Leg Pushbacks*

Plank Jacks

*Moves were done with a ballet barre. (We have them at the FSU gym!) You can substitute with a sturdy chair.

I couldn’t find any YouTube videos that accurately demonstrated the above ballet moves. Would you guys be interested in a tutorial video on how to do them? They’re my own signature moves I’ve created with Mind Body Barre, so you’d be getting an exclusive sneak peak! Or you can take the FREE virtual Mind Body Barre class this Friday! Anyways, let me know if you’re interested in that!


This morning, I decided that cereal needed to happen again. Yesterday’s breakfast was so rushed and since I didn’t have class until 2:30 today, I wanted to take my time and really enjoy breakfast. So, cereal happened again. Deal with it.

After breakfast, I worked my tail off for the entire three hours before class. I had a nutrition assessment case due for my Medical Nutrition Therapy at 2:30 p.m. Thankfully, I got it all done!


In the middle of my assessment case, I took a much-needed lunch break. It was the perfect energy-packing fuel to get me through the rest of the assignment. Getting a balance of healthy carbs, protein, and fat at each meal is so incredibly crucial to brain function. The combination is like a powerhouse that gives our bodies the energy and mental focus to make it through the day.

Anywho, back to lunch. I thoroughly enjoyed a bowl of kale, the usual veggie suspects, and quinoa, all drizzled with sesame dressing. On the side I had one of the infamous Tone It Up black bean burgers, which I infused with mesquite to jazz things up a bit!

Now, I’m back from class and unwinding a bit while watching Ellen. She’s interviewing bachelor Ben. Speaking of which, I have a confession to make: I watched The Bachelor for the first time on Monday…and I’m hooked! NOOOO. I can’t not watch it now because I so badly want Courtney to be eliminated. I know I’m feeding into the purposely-induced drama. And I don’t care. I’ve decided if loving The Bachelor is wrong, then I don’t want to be right!

Matty is coming up tonight (Yay!!!) and we’re off to dinner. I’ll be sure to re-cap it tomorrow.

Stay lovely,

Question of the Day: What are your TV guilty pleasures?  I love Biggest Loser and House Hunters. And now…The Bachelor. Oy vay. ;-)

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