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Real food.

Posted Nov 20 2009 11:15am
Friends the long hiatus in posting is reflective of the call of duty and diverse demands of family overtaking  self-affirming pleasures of blogging.I have been to shrill,stagnant Patna, partaken lovingly made delicacies and returned to  cope with truant househelp;a gone-for-a-six exercise plan; and accumulated office work all at one go.
I have caught up on some reading though,during Patna stay.
I want to introduce you to food activist Michael Pollan's latest book- "In Defense Of Food-An Eater's Manifesto"
In these days of cutting edge advice on nutrition, Pollan's message is stark and simple-"Eat food,not too much,mostly plants".The only thing that can be added to this is "move more"!
Pollan says that before nutritionists discovered cholestrol,dietary fibre,vitamins and anti-oxidants and before Big Business discovered the money-making ploy of pedalling edible,non-food concoctions;people ate for pleasure and for socializing;but they ate real food-which did not come out of a brightly colored packet touting exaggerated health claims and whose artificial additives did not overwhelm and deceive our natural appetite signals.Without being aware of fat content and cholestrols in their diet,people did well in terms of overall health than today's overly informed and largely confused populace.They ate what their culture designated;they also did manual labour,fasted a lot,grew or killed their own organic food.
He elaborates in detail the evils of "taking nutrient out of the context of food,the food out of the context of diet,and diet out of the context of lifestyle." This has created new and lucrative business oppurtunities like "bypass surgeries,diet-pills ,insulin pumps,bariatric surgery."An ecological relationship between eaters and whole,real food is what he recommends.Read on this extract for finding what real food means.It will make you think before you reach for that cereal packet labelled 'healthy','low-fat' or 'fortified'.

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