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Real Food

Posted Sep 10 2013 7:00am

I am...

an ordinary person whose go-to means of interacting with the world is food.

People don't have enough to eat and meat requires lots of crops? Go vegetarian.

Someone is sick, needs some love, just had a baby, or is grieving? Make a meal.

Stressed? Lonely? Bored? Eat, eat, eat.

Sad because I'm feeling especially maternal and I know baby animals are taken from their mothers so I can eat cheese? Go vegan.

Freaked out because all that stress eating planted several pounds on my butt and thighs? Count calories! Eat all the protein! Find the perfect eating plan!!!

I make my own head spin sometimes.

I am easily distracted, easily influenced, and an easy target for marketers.

So I forget, quite easily, what sits best in my spirit. And what that is goes something like this: Eat real food. I , you, and every other person, animal, and this earth are masterpieces. As best as you can, eat in a way that honors that.

(Sometimes that looks different on me than it does at other times.)

I need to be reminded.

These days, I'm soaking up life-honoring blogs like Kath Eats Real Food , Chew on This , and 100 Days of Real Food .

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