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Real Food Challenge Week 6: No Low-Fat, Lite or Nonfat Food Products

Posted Oct 11 2011 9:55pm

It’s time for another week in the Real Food Challenge. I took last week off because well…I have no idea why. I just forgot but we will just pretend like it didn’t happen and more forward okay? Okay.

Sunday, October 9th- Saturday, October 15th
This week’s challenge is to to avoid all low-fat, lite/light, and nonfat food products
Goal: To avoid all low-fat, lite/light, and nonfat food products. The reason behind this is that a lot of low-fat, lite/light foods take out the fat but increase the sugar to keep the taste. The likely-hood of these foods also being more refined is high. So the focus here is to look towards eating whole foods at the right portions.
Challenges: We are not a low-fat/light family. We never buy anything low-fat or nonfat with the exception of milk. I am sad to say that we just purchased a new carton of milk on Sunday before I read what this week’s challenge was and therefore we will fail because I will still drink my 2% milk this week. I do plan on giving whole milk another shot though and possibly even consider more fully again the idea of switching to raw milk.
What I’m excited about: I really have nothing for this. I don’t see this week as being particularly challenging because we don’t eat these foods but again, I want to give raw milk some more thought.

I wanted to take this time to to mention that before actually starting this challenge I did read a book that the blogger at mentioned called In Defense of Food by Michael Pollan. I thought it was a great book and I really learned a lot about nutrition and where a lot of our tends such as low-fat and nonfat foods started from.


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