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Real Food Challenge Week 5: Two New Whole Foods

Posted Sep 27 2011 3:00pm

Fist up: Running news
My leg is still killing me. I haven’t run in over a week. I have been biking on the stationary bike in the gym but even the elliptical hurts! I have done something major to my leg people and it’s NOT COOL. I’m dying to go running again. Sometimes I drive past the sidewalk I used to run on and I want to jump out of my car and take off running but I know that would be a horrible idea. I am icing and taking Alive for the pain and just purchased a compression sleeve for my leg today that should be here within a few days. I’m just keeping my fingers crossed that I will still be able to run in the half marathon in November.

Sunday, September 25th- Saturday, October 1st
This week’s challenge is to try two new whole foods that we have never had before
Goal: Try two new whole foods….whole food is defined by food that has only one ingredient..itself and is not refined.
Challenges: Scott and I are now wishing we would have waited on a few of the recent new foods that we have tried. We are finding it difficult to think of something new we want to try. I do want to attempt to make kale chips this weekend. I saw some beautiful looking kale at the farmer’s market this weekend that I am now wishing I had picked up.
What I’m excited about: I’m excited to try something new. I always loving branching out. If we don’t like it..oh well. Better luck next time. But if we do end up liking it, we get to add something new to our menu list!

So far I mentioned above that I wanted to try kale chips but does anyone have any other new whole foods that you would recommend? So far during this challenge we have tried butternut squash and spaghetti squash. I’d still love to try acorn squash and I also saw it at the market but I have NO idea how to cook it.

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