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real estate land juegos real estate marketing – Pornography Makes You Impotent – Pornography Addiction

Posted Aug 09 2010 6:14am

< p> Sexual addiction, like any other addiction involves defense mechanisms that allow the desired behavior to persist despite negative consequences. The sex addiction attributes the problems associated with his/her sexual behavior to anything but the sexual behavior. Since sexual addiction co-occurs with other addictions, the other addictions often get blamed for unintended behavior or consequences. And the combination of addictions and/or their patterns of interactions can prompt unintended behavior or consequences.   

Juegos As most pornography users will admit, there is no such thing as just one more look. Addiction comes easily and quickly.  

And, as with a drug addict, the brain habituates and is no longer able to get high on the same erotic images and stimulating visuals that once turned him on.  Therefore, he must seek more – more graphic, more carnal and more lascivious.

If one feels terribly about oneself, trying to fit in or please others is a common route. This can involve in doing drugs as this can be seen as the norm for some cliques at school. No one likes to feel like an outsider and with low self esteem, one measures himself by other people’s opinions. Being on the outside makes a deep sense of aloneness and alienation.

1. Physical Impotence   Getting aroused becomes increasingly hard without continually seeking new pornography sources. Arousal with a spouse eventually becomes hard or impossible because of addiction that the brain has to this potent drug. And just like the physical drugs, the brain/body needs more of the same thing to get the same rush.

2. Intimacy Impotence   But physical (or erectile) dysfunction is only one “impotence” brought on by pornography addiction. Crippling to relationships is the “intimacy impotence.” The husband now starts to choose the lonely, cold “self-satisfying” option with electronic images because he is no longer able to connect with his wife and delight in the emotional and physical intimacy of a healthy marriage.

3. Control Impotence   Now the addict is compelled to seek out pornography. They are always seeking just one more look, just one more picture, just one more video – always promising themselves that this is the last one. And although they now need it to fulfill sexual craving, they probably don’t even find it emotionally satisfying.  The behavior may produce shame and guilt, followed by a desire and perhaps a promise to self to stop, but the addict to pornography is now impotent to self-control and the behavior becomes a strong or irresistible impulse (in other words – a compulsion).

Sexual addiction is also an intimacy disorder, where the addict has difficulty with being truly intimate in a relationship. The sex addict, in an attempt to get the sexual compulsivity under control, may believe that if they get married or focus all their sexual activity or energy in the relationship, that their sexual acting out will stop. They believe that their need for porno, one-night stands, fantasy, (or whatever their sexual drug of choice is), will go away You can be published without charge. You can to republish this article in your website or blog. Please provide links Active.

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