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Real (Balanced) Relationships

Posted Feb 19 2012 10:06pm

Posted in | February 17, 2012 |


By contributor Laura Dickey

We’ve just passed Valentine’s Day in the USA; are you thankful it’s over?

Many people dread Valentine’s Day because it creates an unbelievable amount of pressure in their lives and on their relationships.  After all, who really wants to come up with some fantastically creative romantic idea every February 14th? Or find a date every February? There are some lessons we can learn from Valentine’s Day that we can apply to our lives and relationships to help them be more balanced, and keep the romance going all year long.

Before we talk about how to balance our relationships we need to get three things straight. 

  • Each month plan that one night you’ll each be alone, either just relaxing in your bedroom or go to your favorite coffee house, while your partner takes care of the kids, and be alone for a while.
  • Also plan one night during the month that you can go out on a date together.  Maybe you have to be creative and make it a day-date depending on your schedules, but set aside 4+ hours for you two to be alone. 
  • Third, plan one night each month to either hang with your friend(s) or get together with a bunch of mutual friends. 
  • Finally, look for ways each day (or at least 3 days a week) you can show your partner that you love them. These can be little things like getting up with them in the morning, making them lunch, sending them a little love email, calling them just to say you love them, actually asking their opinion of something or going to bed early together just to have some quality time (without technology).

Whether we like it or not, life is built on relationships. This means we’ve got a choice: be miserable and have terrible relationships or work to have good ones.  Personally I’d rather put a little effort in to have relationships I’m proud of.  It won’t be easy but with a little effort, lots of communication, some time alone, tons of patience and a decent helping of forgiveness, we can all learn to balance our relationships. 

What will you do to help create a successful partnership in your relationships?

Laura Dickey is passionate about sharing hope and empowering individuals, families and businesses to live balanced and successful lives. When she’s not writing or supporting others in their life journeys, she loves to organize, read, be creative and take walks. Read more about Laura here .

Photo credit: seyed mostafa zamani

Note from Anastasiya: Are you wondering about the first step towards balanced living? Download 110 Elements of a Bold and Happy Life (it’s a free pdf created for you by my friend Barrie Davenport of Live Bold and Bloom) and decide where you need to start. Feel free to contact me with your questions and I’ll be happy to give you the most important tips on how to balance your life.

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