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Reading labels versus seeing a label

Posted Sep 09 2013 3:21pm

On Saturday we attended the Chicago Chipotle Cultivates Festival , it is a free festival put on by Chipotle bringing together food, artisans, music, farmers, and community leaders.  We had the chance to taste some new Chipotle items, a concept store's food, local specials, and listen to great music.  Along with all of this Chipotle's goal is to educate their consumers on what is real and good food.  They have different stations where you can go through and learn about different food processes and farming.  The station I found the most impressive, shocking, and informational was one where ingredient labels were turned into a reality.  We have all read article upon article about artificial ingredients, preservatives, dyes, fillers, etc. but to actually see it laid out in front of you is very concerning.  
The event looked something like this...

So you walked up to a huge wall with the title "Compare Fresh vs. Processed Food," the top row was a typical cheeseburger at a fast food joint and the bottom was a typical meal at Chipotle.  It broke down each food item in each meal and had each ingredient in beakers for you to see. The fast food cheeseburger had about 3x as many ingredients in it as did the Chipotle meal. 


From this picture you can see all of the real and recognizable ingredients on the bottom row.  On the top row are the ingredients that make up a piece of cheese and some of the beef patty ingredients...YUCK!  Why is there yellow thick liquid in a jar for the cheese?  (and there you have it people the reason I don't eat yellow cheese!)   

From this angle you can see how much further the ingredients continue to go on in the top row vs. the bottom row.  
I know we all try to read ingredient labels at the store but it can be overwhelming at times but to see it like this really drove home how important it is to know what's in our food.  All of those beaker jars are terrifying, we should be able to pronounce and recognize everything we put into our bodies.  
Chipotle did a really wonderful job at presenting this information!  Hope this isn't to scary for you but eye opening and reaffirming for what we know about food today.  Choose to eat real and fresh ingredients...ALWAYS!

When choosing to go out to eat do you look into how the restaurant sources their food and what they put into it? 


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