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Reader Question-Best Abs Exercises

Posted Jan 07 2010 12:00am

Yesterday, I received a great question about the most effective ab workouts.

I don’t think I alone in coveting the Britney Spears abs pre-train wreck circa I am a Slave for You video.  In my swimming/lifeguard days, I came a lot closer, for a lot less effort.  One because I was younger, and two because swimming requires you to constantly work your abs to stay afloat.

These days, I have to use them or lose them–flat abs that is.

The great thing about AB workouts is that you see results in very little time.  A few weeks of consistency and those little muscle outlines start faintly appearing.  To get the full on Spears-pack ab work alone will never be enough.  You have to tone muscles all over your body and do cardio to blast that pesky layer that women have above the muscles.  Men have far less fat above the muscles, thus they can have a “situation” going on with much less effort.    That said, not all women are created equal.  Some women carry weight in the middle, but have no problem rocking a mini skirt.  Others (myself included) have stubborn pear shapes that require endless lunges, but have less trouble toning their tummies.  Obviously, there are more than two body types, but you get the idea.  You have to work with and embrace what you have today, and I actually find that a slight softness in the tummy is very sexy and womanly.

Anyways, enough with the verbose intro, on with my best ab advice!

Here are a few things I have done for abs and seen really impressive results:

1.) Fitness Stay Slim on the Road I love this quick, equipment-less workout.  I always see results in my abs pronto. However, it works the whole body, which as mentioned is necessary in the quest to be absolutely fabulous.

2.) Core Fusion Body Sculpt Ab Section — This is the hardest ab work I have ever done.

3.) Sit ups, crunches and oblique crunches on the bosu ball and stability ball always seem more effective than those done on the mat–perhaps because correct form is easier to achieve.  Try doing them with arms straight over your head for added challenge.

4.)  Angela had a great “whittle your middle” ab routine over at Oh She Glows.  The  ab work includes good variations on planks and utilizes the stability ball.

5.) Fellow blogger Diana said that the Physique 57 videos gave her a “rock solid” core.  I don’t doubt this is true, P57 is amazing!I am jonseing to check out these dvds and see the results for myself!

6.)  Our favorite Fitnessista also did a great post on obtaining Fab Abs!

In just a few I am off to review a new class, than to meet up with Liz (aka VeggieGirl) while she is in town.  But later tonight, I will announce the first of several giveaways to come this week!

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