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Reader’s Request: How to Plan a Wedding while Staying within Budget

Posted Dec 28 2010 11:49pm

Hola Bloggies:

Good news – I seem to be steadily getting better!

Today, the Husband took me out for dinner. Sure, we were only out a short period of time but it marked the first time I had been out since Christmas Eve. I even managed to make it through dinner without sneezing or coughing. WIN! wlEmoticon winkingsmile4 Reader’s Request: How to Plan a Wedding while Staying within Budget

Today’s blog post is a first for Toronto Girl West – a Reader’s Request! But don’t worry, it won’t be the last. In fact, from now on I will occasionally feature posts inspired by reader’s questions. So feel free to ask away!

Wedding Planning on a Budget

Sneak Peak thumb Reader’s Request: How to Plan a Wedding while Staying within Budget

( This Wedding Sneak Peek is brought to you by out amazing photographers – Chris+Lynn )

Those of you that have been reading my blog for a while know that the Husband and I recently got married on November 10th of this year. It was a beautiful day that far exceeded my wildest dreams!

And miraculously, we managed to do it all within budget!

This fact has been met with no shortage of surprise. It’s like everyone expected us to go way over budget or have a mountain of wedding related to pay off. We have neither.

Thankfully, we returned from our Honeymoon not owing a single cent on anything wedding related.

It wasn’t easy and it took a lot of discipline. But it can be done. Here’s what we learned from our wedding planning process. Hopefully it can help future brides plan a gorgeous day without breaking the bank!


  1. First figure out what you can save and then see what that can buy you (not the other way around)

2.      Consider creative ways of saving money

3.      Allow yourself a few splurges!

4.      Stay away from temptation

5.     Constantly Re-evaluate your Spending

6.      Up and Comers are your friends!

7.     Pay yourself first!


I know at the beginning it can all seem very daunting. But trust me – you’ll get there! And you’ll manage to create the wedding of your dreams!

We did, and we managed to come in several thousand dollars under budget in the process!

Question: Do you have any advice for anyone planning any kind of big expenditure and hoping to stay under budget?

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