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Read Important Secrets On Facts About Obesity

Posted Mar 11 2009 3:18pm

Have you ever tried to diet but found yourself Unable to lose weight?

First some some rather vast numbers. Sixty four percent of Americansare classified as overweight. Twenty seven percent of which are classified as obese. Forty eight percent of Europeans are overweight.

In the Great Britain adult obesity ratios have almost quadrupled over the last 25 years, and two thirds of UK adults are now considered overweight or obese.

One billion four hundred million people worldwide are overweight. Three hundred million people worldwide are obese. Obesity is responsible for 325,000 deaths worldwide every year.

And now the unpleasant news;(As if that wasn’t bad enough) If you have overweight friends you are more likely to become obese, you will share the same foods and the same sedentary lifestyle.

Adults and teenagers with low levels of physical activity are more than twice as likely to have an increased waist circumference than those with a high level of physical activity.There are also high pressure times when weight gain can become common such as when trying to lose weight after quiting smoking or when trying to lose weight after pregnancy.

Although obesity is not a disease in the true sense of the word it it can often kill, it is a major factor in instigating conditions that can cause long term suffering and can ultimately lead to death. Coronary Heart Disease is also closely associated with obesity.

Obesity does not just make you more at risk of diabetes type one and type two, high blood pressure and heart disease, it can impinge on your life in many other ways such as; your ability to get a job, find a partner and generally life to the full. Changes in eating habits combined with the more sedentary lifestyles of today have been part of the cause towards this immense obesity epidemic.

Attention must be drawn not only to the types of food we eat but also to the portion sizes we consume on a daily basis. Consumers need to be more aware of how portion size is a good depiction of calorific content. The modern day supersize norm where today’s hamburger will contain 590 calories compared to a 1980’s burger which had a typical calorific content of 330.

These are just a few of the nasty facts about obesity. I only discovered these facts when Read handy advice about Tattoos Designs - give a look to this webpage.

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