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Reactive Hypoglycemia

Posted Jul 28 2009 12:12am
I met with my doctor today about the low blood sugar issues I've been experiencing over the past couple weeks (longer, really). He agreed with me that it's reactive hypoglycemia. Which basically means that after I eat a meal or snack that's basically all carbs with no protein or fat to balance it, I'm going to have a spike in my blood sugar which will then dramatically fall very low within a couple hours of eating.

The cure: stop eating crappy carbs for meals! Duh!

When I eat like I should - protein first, moderate carbs - then my blood sugar remains level and within normal ranges. But if I choose a carb heavy meal (like oatmeal or a Fiber One pop tart or a slice of pizza) - then I'm going to have a hypoglycemia reaction. Which basically means that I need to follow the golden rules of WLS just like I always should have been doing.

Protein first and always.

So if I have a piece of fruit, I need to balance it with some type of protein like cheese or sliced of deli turkey. If I have oatmeal I need to add a scoop of protein powder to it, or have some meat or protein bar with it. Which is what I normally do. Exept that I've been a bit rebellious these past few weeks and I've now paid the price for it. (I'll write about the rebellion later.)

Doc wrote me a Rx for a glucose monitor and test strips. He doesn't think insurance will pay for it because it's not diabetes, but I'm going to try to get it anyway. If I can't, then I'll just pay out of pocket for the supplies so I at least have it on hand in case I need it.

The more I'm reading about reactive hypoglycemia, the more I'm finding that it's a common side effect of gastric bypass surgery. I knew it was a risk before surgery, but it wasn't really a concern back then. I'm glad it's not a total surprise to me, I guess. Its easily controlled and I just need to be prepared in the future if I have an episode while I'm out (carrying glucose tablets or lifesavers with me at all times). Otherwise, I guess it's not that big of a deal -- just something new to live with. :-)


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