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Re-Write Your Script

Posted Jan 21 2013 4:05pm

Having a positive mindset on a consistent basis is not about being happy all the time. It is about, however learning to re-write your script and re-calibrating! All day errrday.

The script is the story you tell yourself and you are the actor, acting out with . The re-calibration process is the tools you use every day to re-raise your energy level from a fear-based mindset to a loving mindset. I can’t emphasize enough how much re-calibrating has impacted my life. Every day, I use my re-calibration tools to re-write my script.

There’s a bunch of tools out there that work. I’m here to give you some tools that you can implement into your daily life from the time you rise until the time you lay your head on your comfy pillow. If they resonate with you, great. If not, that’s okay too. I have encouraged many clients and friends to use these tools and they’ve agreed that they definitely help. So, if you’re interested,watch on!

Stay lovely,

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