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re-shape your body with these 5 advanced moves

Posted Oct 12 2011 9:20pm


I’m a creature of habit in all areas of my life.

This is especially true when it comes to working out, which is great because exercising 6 mornings out of the week is ingrained into every cell of my body.  What’s not so good is when I do the same routines week after week, month after month. Because they’re there. And familiar. And make me sweat.

I fall victim lots of times each year to trudging through the same, comfy workouts.  I know staying active is a huge part of my balanced lifestyle, but sometimes I’m not so sure what to do when I stop seeing results and working out feels, well, plain-old boring.

Do you find yourself doing the same workout moves over and over in the gym or at home?

To the point where you’re bored, not physically challenged or seeing improvement? Maybe you call it a plateau, or even a rut. Whatever you call it, lacking results and motivation to stay active sucks.

The bright side is, all those uninspiring workout moves need is a breath of fresh air! Adding new twists on classic moves to your rotation is a great way to bust ruts, challenge your body, and kick up the burn.

Grab a mat and join me!

I’d like to share five of my favorite moves to break your workout flatline and re-shape your body.

Here’s my very own demonstration* in no other than my favorite place on the East Coast… Siesta Key, FL!


1.  Begin in a chair squat position with your fingertips touching the ground.

Chair Squat – with your feet together, bend down as if sitting in a chair. Make sure your knees are aligned right above the ankles

2.  Jump straight in the air by shooting your arms overhead for momentum

3. Land lightly from the front of your feet to the back. Immediately drop back down into chair squat and repeat

Modifier Tip: Try small hops instead of completely leaving the ground until you build up to a full jump!


1. Put one leg in front of the other and sink into a static lunge position, keeping your front knee behind toes

2. Sink down slightly and shoot off the ground while switching leg position mid-air

3. Land with the opposite leg in front. Sink down and repeat

Modifier: Use the arm movement that feels right to you. Shoot both arms above your head while jumping for more momentum


1. Stand up straight and sink down into chair squat, arms clasped in front

2. Similar to the beat of jumping jacks, begin jumping your feet in and out to the side. The faster the jump and lower your body, the bigger the burn

3. Squeeze those quads and that booty!

Modifier: Do not sink as low into the squat



1.  Start on the floor in push-up position

Push-Up Position – Plank pose with hands slightly wider than shoulder width

2. As you lower down into a push-up, jump your feet out at the same time

3. Jump your feet back in to starting position as you push back up with your arms. Repeat

Modifier: Simply do not perform the push-up portion and  jump the legs in and out to complete ‘plank jacks’



1. Lay on a mat with arms and legs in separate directions

2. Engaging your core, slowly lift both halves of your body to meet over your mid-part. Try to touch your toes with your fingertips

3. Hold for a beat

4. Slowly lower back down to starting position. Repeat

Modifier: Bend your knees in step #2



1. Start in plank position

2. Lift your right leg and bring your knee to your elbow keeping your toes in the air

3. Return to plank position and repeat with the left leg

4. Repeat from side to side for as fast as you can. Add a little jump in between reps for an added cardio blast!

Modifier: Perform slower and tap the floor with your toe in the contraction


It’s important to go at your own pace! Perform each move until you’re burnt out but not in pain.


*Work out at your own risk! Contrary to popular belief (ha) I am NOT a certified personal trainer or trained professional. Please use extra care when performing all of the moves above. Amanda and 36broadway will not be responsible for injury and/or personal loss as a result of following the instructions in this article.





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