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Re-cap of Madrid Spain and the best vegetarian restaurant

Posted Apr 23 2010 10:16am

Hello luvs,

Thanks for all the wonderful comments about my days in Barcelona and for putting up with my long re-caps of my traveling days. I only have a few more things to share with you ;) Thanks for being so patient while I go through everything!

Now onto my first day of traveling to Madrid, Spain!

My breakfast before leaving our hotel to head to the airport was yet another thick vega shake.

IMG_5593 Than it was time to head to Barcelona’s airport. I have to admit my least favorite part about traveling is heading to the airports especially in foreign countries. They definitely have a different airport system here and we typically take the metro to the airport which is a huge adventure in itself !  I am typically not happy Lori during these travel days (just ask Gary) ;)

What is your least favorite part about traveling?

When we finally made it to the airport and got through security I got a little hungry therefore grabbed some more of my rice cakes to snack on.

IMG_5594 Love the carob chocolate on top ;)

As we continued to wait for our flight we decided to grab some lunch before getting on the plane. Again another fun adventure with my unusual eating habits. Luckily there was a place in the Barcelona airport that had some food that I could eat!

I present you my airport lunch

IMG_5595 The airport had some pre-made salads!

IMG_5602 First was a simple salad with tomatoes, carrots, and olives. I am not a huge fan of olives so I picked them out to give to Gary.

IMG_5605 They had these lovely olive oil packets to use as a dressing :) Love that!

IMG_5603 My second salad was a garbanzo bean based with arugula, onions and tomatoes. I shared this with Gary. It was very lovely. I love how I was able to get arugula in an airport!!!

IMG_5606 Gary got vegetables and chicken. I must say I was pretty impressed with the food options at the Barcelona airport.

We finally made it to Madrid, Spain. Our last stop in our trip together (Gary is continuing his traveling for another 2 months). After checking into our hotel we decided we were both hungry for a little late lunch snack.

IMG_5608 I was happy to be getting my soup… I have been wanting a simple vegetable soup for my whole trip and I finally got it!

IMG_5609 This soup hit the spot for me. It was simple yet so satisfying. There is just something about a warm cup of vegetable soup that makes me so happy.

IMG_5610 Gary got the Spanish omelet. He love it. This was his first time ever having a ‘Spanish omelet’ he was not sure what to expect. The omelet was like a tortilla with eggs and potatoes inside ( I guess that is the best way to describe it). It was not your typically omelet that is for sure.

IMG_5613 Gary also got a cup of sangria, now he is completely happy!

After our ’second’ lunch we headed to see Madrid.

IMG_5620 A lovely mariachi band playing some music in the plaza near our hotel.

IMG_5627 We walked around some more and came across another great market!!!!

IMG_5634 I was so happy :) You all know I love my markets!!!

IMG_5636 This market was the place to be

IMG_5639 Fresh fruit stand

IMG_5640 Meat stands

IMG_5642 Dessert stand!!!

IMG_5644 These desserts blew me away



IMG_5652 Now that is what I called fresh fish


People were everywhere


IMG_5650 Wine bar too :)

IMG_5656 We both got a glass of red wine

IMG_5658 Everyone was doing it ;)

We left the market to walk around some more to see what Madrid was all about.




IMG_5700 Madrid is a lovely big city. After walking around for awhile and 8:30pm rolled around it was time for dinner!

IMG_5708 Yerbabuena was the restaurants name and it was just up the street from our hotel. We got this vegetarian restaurant recommendation from VegNews magazine. The magazine had a whole article in their about top vegetarian restaurants in Madrid.  This place had options for vegans and gluten free!!! Excellent!!

IMG_5710 Restaurant was small but cute. And the staff were very nice and spoke just a little English.


We got a special starter to start our meal


We were surprised to get this – we think it is just something that the restaurant does because we were not charged for it.

IMG_5714 I could not put a name to this delicious soup in a cup. It had such a familiar taste though for some reason I could not put a name on it.

IMG_5715 This was hummus with raisins and olives and a corn chip. Hummus was delicious!

IMG_5718 We also got a pitcher of their homemade sangria. As you can tell Gary really likes sangria and I told him that once we got to Madrid I would share a pitcher with him. Though the sweetness did get to me by my second glass!

IMG_5720 The waitress also brought me out some gluten free bread that I could have since I could not eat the bread that they typically serve! Awesome! I believe it was tapioca based and a little dry, but I was so happy to have some bread that  I could finally eat after seeing bread everywhere over here ;)

There was so much on the menu that I wanted to try and it took me forever to make a decision. Gary said he would get something on the menu that I wanted to share and that way I could have some of his meal as well :) How nice of him!?!?!

IMG_5725 I finally ordered their sloppy brown rice vegetable dish. It was a soup based meal with brown rice and vegetables mixed it. It was amazing!!!  Loved it!

IMG_5727 Gary got their avocado vegetable dish (I forget the actually name of the dish). I ate some this dinner as well because Gary was still full from his Spanish omelet. This dish was also delicious. I forgot how much I love avocados. :) I had a happy tummy! I was so happy throughout this whole dinner. It is so nice being able to go out to eat and know what you are ordering and knowing that you CAN EAT IT without getting sick. This restaurant so far as been the best one.

There was no dessert both of this dishes were quite filling! You got to love all that fiber from the vegetables :)

I must say that was a fabulous first day in Madrid but do not worry there is more fun times ahead to share with you all!


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Till next time,


The Twins


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