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Raw Vegan Kale Chips, Making Our Own Choices, Not Defending & Explaining Ourselves

Posted Apr 21 2010 4:42pm
How's Hump Day going for you?  I had a nice morning with Skylar because remember yesterday when I mentioned that after trying to assemble and dropping the pink trike on my foot , that I brought it to a bike shop for professional assembly?   

Well they called and said the trike was ready!  Lightning fast turn-around time!
Complete with a Bell and Streamers
Skylar On Her Trike with her Swimsuit On Yesterday Afternoon.  Today the temperature dropped 30 degrees, and it's windy, cloudy and cold!  Good thing we got some pool time in yesterday because it's chillllly here again. 
She doesn't fully comprehend the pedaling concept yet.  And in the meantime, my lower back is getting a nice workout pushing her around.

But She's So Happy About Her Trike and Truly Considers Herself a Big Girl since the purchase of this trike came after full potty learning occurred !
It's been a Big Week of Milestones For Her...

A New Trike And Her First Necklace !
 Grinning from Ear to Ear!
I'm Glad You Enjoyed Yesterday's New Workout Pictures
and Pool Pictures

And I'm glad I re-posted those links about Bulk Bins & Hazards for those of you who hadn't seen those and that although you are a little skeeved now too, at least you have full disclosure and more information and can decide if you'll use Bulk Bins, or not, anymore.

Finally, thanks for Chiming in On Sunscreen and if you wear it or not.  I am not here to advocate wearing it or not, that's everyone's own choice.  I just shared why I don't wear it , and enjoyed all the different responses and comments Thanks gang!

Today I wanted to talk about more than Yoga Poses, Gym Workouts , and Green Food Pictures...
There's Food that mimics the Colors of the Rainbow chock full of antioxidants: Nature's Sunscreen perhaps?

...Today I want to discuss raising a child and making choices for my family that are not conventional, not mainstream, but that work for us and that we are happy with.  For anyone who reads my blog regularly, you know I am very non-dogmatic, I dislike labels, and I encourage everyone to do what works for him or her, in your own life, given your own parameters.

For instance, I am a high raw vegan, and that dietary path unfolded for me largely based on food allergies and intolerances.  Once I realized this path works for me and that I feel optimally this way, then it's easy to keep doing what works.  If you want answers to the most common questions people ask me about food allergies and high raw veganism, check out This Post .

If you want to read about my shift from Veganism for Health Reason to also Veganism for Compassionate Reasons , See This Post

Back to parenting choices and choices in general, I believe as long as one's decisions are well-researched, and one's motives are carefully and comprehensively examined as well as re-visiting the decisions you once made to make sure they still "fit" for your situation, I strongly support alternative choices such as: 
alternative vaccination schedules, including not vaccinating
co-sleeping or bed-sharing
extended nursing (I am a certified lactation counselor and am extremely passionate about nursing!  Skylar just turned 3 years and recently self-weaned)
cloth diapering or elimination communication
homeschooling or unschooling
Attachment Parenting practices

And the list goes on and on....

Do People Question the Choices we have made?  
Of course! 
Do they criticize or harshly judge these choices?   
Yes, unfortunately sometimes the things people don't understand, or that is not a good fit for them, they view as wrong or bad choices for others.  As I mentioned, research is key, as is soul-searching and making choices that are appropriate, given the parameters, realities, and your unique life circumstances and then, only you, not the outsiders looking in, can make appropriate, balanced choices for your life and family.  This holds true from diapers to dietary choices.

What Do You Say To The Nay-Sayers & those whom are Critical?
My thoughts are that although I believe in raising social consciousness in the world from dietary choices and balanced exercise to compassionate parenting to women's rights, I am not going to waste my own precious energy trying to "explain myself".  I am not going to convince anyone why it's better to do some yoga that live a sedentary life nor am I going to espouse the virtues of homeschooling, extended nursing, homebirthing, veganism, or any of the causes that I am passionate about, if the person I am talking to is clearly not receptive to change, but is only interested in arguing with me about it. 

I don't feel the need to "convince", change, or "save the world" anymore.  Nor defend my choices.   I love being in charge of my own life and the autonomy I have over my own choices; and, I love that everyone gets to be in charge of their choices!  The freedom of choice, it's a beautiful thing!  Do what works, For You!  I have posted about why I refuse to defend or "explain myself" and my choices and what to say or how to deal with the naysayers regarding your dietary path.  That's covered here .

I used to waste energy and get all riled up and try to help someone who didn't understand my choices, "see the light".  But now, I just smile, nod, share what I do, and if they ask questions, I answer them succinctly, without emotion, and move on.  There is no point in wasting my precious energy that I should be giving to myself, my own well-being, or my family's well being trying to "save" or "convince" others.  I lead by example, not by words.  

The proof is in the (chocolate chia seed) pudding

And with that, we also march to our own drummer when it comes to chips, too!  We don't do Fritos around here...we do Raw Vegan Kale Chips!  

(Note: This Kale Chip Recipe is Also Found in my Nooch Recipes )

Averie's Raw Vegan Kale Chips Recipe for 1 Bunch of Kale
1 c cashews (soaked for a few hours)
1 Medium Red Pepper
Juice of half a lemon (2 Tbsp)
1/4 c Nooch (Nutritional Yeast) or more if you're a fan of nooch.  I use 1/3c++
1 Tsp Salt (or to taste)
Optional 1/2 Tsp Agave or 1/2 of a medjool date

Wash the kale & remove tough stalks, de-seed the red pepper, drain off your soaked cashews
Put all the Ingredients into a Vita-Mix or Food Processor & Blend everything together
Apply the coating to the kale

Put on Dehydrator Screens and Dehydrate until done, flipping once after a couple hours.  
Or, Bake In a 300F Oven for 20 Minutes, Flipping, and Then Baking Another 10 Minutes or so.    
You can also bake in a 200F oven with the door ajar.  It will take longer but the results will be closer to that of a dehydrator.
Watch the Kale Chips very closely because if you think broccoli stench is bad, burnt kale is very naassssty. Everyone's Oven Temps and Desired Kale Chip Crispiness Level differs, so plan on babysitting your oven for about 45 minutes in totalBut I promise, totally worth it!

Dehydrate (or bake) til Crispy-n-Crunchy
Look at the cheezy, noochey, cashew-ey goodness just stuck on the kale leaf like price stickers stuck to the bottom of your new dishes.
They're like little Trees of Noochey Goodness
Get a load of that vegan cheezy action baked right in!

Store any extras (won't be a problem!) in a sealed container. 
I Love these things....
...And Skylar begs me for kale chips!
We use cloth napkins, re-usable stainless steel non-BPA sippy cups.

And are a yoga & downward-dog practicing kind of happy family...
 ...who joyfully stuff our faces with kale chips! 
Yes, 3 Year Olds Can Love Veggies and Thrive on a High Raw Plant-Based Diet!  
Our Choices Work for Us: She's happy, healthy, thriving, and Full of Life!
And Given the Opportunity to make her own food choicse, in This Post I mentioned that Skylar had free access to "treats", some cinnamon sugar coated pretzels, but only chose a few bites
  She seemed to like the 3 pebbles pretzels she chose to have.  But then was done and wanted apple slices.
And in This Post , she Chose Books over Candy
I believe that if you give kids choices, and access to things, and don't squelch their ability to eat intuitively at this tender age, that they will eat "good" foods, by and large.  I mean, who wouldn't choose a piece of juicy, fresh fruit over a dry packaged cracker or highly processed foods?  Well I guess that's a silly question because looking at the number of unhealthy people, clearly many people are choosing Twinkies over Raw Veggies.  And I am a fan of Sweets and Desserts, but it's just one small part of my life; I'd say 95% of my diet is wholesome foods.

For me, healthy food tastes great and it's easy for me to "choose" the healthy option and Skylar seems to do the same.  I don't provide Twinkies in the house, but I also don't shun or "forbid" sugar, fat, or desserts, the kind I make of course which are high raw vegan, and she seems to take a few bites of desserts, but then she's done.  For More about my Thoughts on Intuitive Eating and if making Healthy Food Choices come Naturally or Easily, Click Here

For us, a high raw, plant-based life is fun and easy.  There are health benefits, and there's no dogma surrounding it for us.  It's just what comes easy and naturally!  I also don't get too hung up on if something is raw or cooked; I care that it is plant-based and in as close to as natural state as possible.  I would rather have cooked vegetables than none at all.

Rather than getting caught up in what you may be missing out on or caring what someone else thinks about your choices, because really it's You and Your Life, so You Get to be In Charge, I encourage you to make the choices for you and your family that make you feel happiest and most healthful!  That's what we do!  

And always save room for high Raw Vegan Dessert Recipes such as:
Nut Butter Filled Caramel Bites
And Raw Vegan Almond Butter Cookie Balls
And Chocolate Recipes !
Vegan Fudge-10 Minute No-Bake Recipe, Gluten/Soy/Tree-Nut Free
5 Minute & 4 Ingredient Raw Vegan Chocolate Mousse
We Have Alot of Fun Dancing & Playing Dress-Up and We Do Eat More than Just Lettuce!
Yoga Today is Going to Teach my 5:30pm Hot Power Yoga Class!  Bye!

Gym & Weights Workout Today: "Day 3 - Chest/Shoulders"

Tip of the Day: My Jewelry Give Away for a Custom Necklace !!!!!

I've never had the opportunity to Reward a Reader with Jewelry ....Until Now!!!!

Have You Entered Yet?  Click Here to Get Your Entries In!!!!
1. Do you think that when the weather or temperature shifts radically that you're more likely to get sick?  Like the 30 degree shift we've had in Phoeix in the last 24 hours!  Or is that just an old wives tale? 
I think it's a little of both but I will say wild temperature swings take a toll on my body.  It can't decide if it should warm up or cool down!  haha!  I am also highly effected by sunlight or lack thereof, humidity or not, the Moon Cycles , and so it makes sense that for me, my body feels a little out of whack with the wacky weather!  Do you notice the weather and its effects on your mind and body?

2. Making Your Own Choices In Your Life.  How much are you "your own person" and just make your choices and say Who Cares! to what others may think?  
How much do you stand by your choices?  If you make choices but they're not popular with others, do you hold your ground or do you waver and revert back to your previous path?
Do you find it easy or difficult to march to your own tune and stand by what you believe in even if others don't agree?

3. Do you Over Explain Yourself or Constantly Defend Yourself?
One thing I learned when pregnant, and yes, I had learned this lesson before in life, too, but it became abundantly clear that I needed to grow a backbone and just say it and then not defend it or else the whole world was going to try to tell me what to do non-stop, but when I told people I was going to have a homebirth I didn't need to spout of statistics or talk about safety or talk about what our ancestors did.   I didn't need to instantly defend myself.  And by doing so, I actually put myself in a position of weakness. 
Or as a vegan, I don't need to say, oh I am a vegan because I had food allergies and then I got compassionate about animals and you know veganism is better for the planet and blah blah.  No!  I simply say I eat a plant-based diet, and then move on, no defending it or explaining it.  
Stop Explaining & Defending Yourself, in life in general, is a great goal, I believe!  What do you do or think about all of this?

Stay Tuned For the Winner of the Jewelry Give Away to Be Announced...

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