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Raw Food is Good Mood Food

Posted Jan 09 2013 11:09am
Happy Wednesday!

So yesterday I started to feel much better, phew!! Anyway, today I wanted to do a little post on raw food and why I love it so much…


Now when I was back in my eating disorder days, I think the thought of raw food would have totally freaked me out. I mean, nuts and seeds, coconut oil, chocolate and all kinds of fats?! Um, no way. Afterall, fat will make me fat. Little did I know how healthy fats could be for me though. My love of fats first came in the form of peanut butter and as I learnt about the benefits of healthy fats, I slowly fell in love with them and what they were doing for my body. As an anorexic and throughout the start of my recovery I suffered with depression. I had been on numerous different kinds of medications for it and every time I took myself off them because they felt weird and just plain false. There would be times when I knew I should be crying if something bad had happened or I was stressed etc but I just couldn’t cry even if I tried. People say that crying helps as it is some kind of release and I just couldn’t so it felt like it was all building up inside of me. So I kept deciding everytime I went on them to come back off them and would rather live with the depression so I could at least get that release even if it was everyday…


Fact: I eat a ramekin of mixed nuts everyday!

And then it was when I found raw foods that things started to change. And I now realise why as I learnt that mood disorders like depression can be very much caused by nutritional deficiencies. As an anorexic I stayed well away from any sort of fat so my body was crying out for it and this came through as depression. When I started to increase the amount of fats I was having, I therefore began to restore balance in my body and started coming out of the depression.


It has been said that 1 large handful of cashews, provides 1000-2000 mg of tryptophan, which is a precursor to serotonin, and is just as effective as Prozac with none of the side effects! Also it turns out that other raw foods are good mood foods but also have other good nutrients needed for a balanced diet too..

Good Mood Foods

    Almonds: High in B6, magnesium Walnuts: High in minerals and omega 3 Chia: High in essential fatty acids Sesame Seeds: High in calcium, magnesium, tryptophan Kelp: High in calcium, omega 3, protein, zinc, magnesium Cashews: High in tryptophan, which is a precursor to serotonin Greens: High in calcium and folic acid Guava: High in vitamin C, tryptophan Figs: High in calcium, magnesium, fiber Cacao: High in magnesium, also makes opioids that make you happy! Avocados: High in essential fatty acids, tryptophan, folic acid

So I guess along with being incredibly delicious and satisfying, the good mood factor has definitely influenced me to keep raw food in my diet to keep me in a good place. Not that I need any excuse to have more raw chocolate because that definitely makes me feel happier even if it didn’t have any actual feel good nutrients ;P

“Let food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food” Hippocrates

What foods make you feel happier?

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