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Raw Food Blues & Back to Raw?

Posted May 06 2011 8:00am

Hi lovelies!

Thanks for all the wonderful comments to my last post where I revealed some other side of me ;). It was refreshing to hear so many of you agree on the balancing front. Sort of like – über healthy by day, naughty by night? Haha. There have been times in the past half a year or so where I seriously doubted I could combine the two: my love for both a healthy, nourishing lifestyle, and my innate cravings for dancing, partying, acting like a fool. I am gravitating more and more towards this IS possible, and perhaps even desirable. Most of all I am still learning so much about myself and it feels good to be ‘able’ to share this on the bloggy and not be frowned upon. You guys rock!

To illuminate how funny situations can arise when trying to combine health & fun, here’s a picture of the dinner I took with me to Bevrijdingspop Haarlem (Liberty day in Holland!) yesterday:

Mixed greens with olives, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, capers, pickle, sundried tomatoes, walnuts, half a veggie burger and a few strips soy cheese (Cheezly)

It was a nice contrast to Queensday where I ate fries twice, chips, icecream, and probably other stuff I can’t remember (in addition to the lovely alcohol..). It’s so awesome to see how you can have a good time from time to time eating & drinking junk, and then a few days later stay completely sober and eat a healthful meal and have a good time all the same. It’s what makes life so much fun.

What’s with the title of this post you ask? Well, for ages I had been meaning to write about the sorta raw food blues I experienced following my 21 day cleanse . I sorta naturally fell in a very high raw state of eating and got a bit lazy and ambivalent about adding more cooked foods, such as a starch or protein component to my meals. I was eating mainly salads twice a day for some time (note: loaded with enough nuts, seeds, etc to make them calorie dense enough of course) which led me to boredom and confused as to how to shake things up. Long story short: even though I loved eating pretty much only wholesome foods in their most fresh state, it also got a bit too monotonous for my liking and my mind started rebelling against all that freshness. Raw & semi raw meals started losing more and more appeal for me. I did maintain a pretty good balance though over the past 1-2 months since the detox, and lately I’ve been hankering to shift back to this lifestyle more and more (and when I saw fellow blogger Annemerel start the 21 day cleanse I felt a pang of longing!).

I still habitually eat lots of salads, but now add more cooked components to them, which works really well for variety and satiety. But because I’ve sortof been in limbo about where I wanted to go with ‘all this’, I rarely bake or unbake anymore, which makes me sad. I still eat whatever yummy and/or healthy food is offered to me, both raw or cooked (Melissa is my go-to muffin feedster), but I feel a little out of place myself, still. So, I’ve decided to give the whole raw foods lifestule another go. A little differently this time, though. No specific plan to follow, simply my own gut instinct & internal cues (which have led me to this decision in the first place). Even though I ate much less raw the last few weeks, the science and most of all sentient behind it never lost its appeal to me. I kept reading raw cookbooks, raw food blogs, books about eating raw. The science that supports eating more raw foods intrigues me, but it’s what touches me on a much more primal level – basic instint, common sense, whathaveyou, that keeps me drawing back to this. Deep down I feel that eating raw (I prefer the word fresh, actually. Raw sounds so… gory?) foods as the base of one’s diet is the most superior nutrition we can give our bodies. It all connects, makes sense, in so many ways. For me, at least.

After all my rambling here’s what I tentatively have in mind. Eat raw foods as the base of my diet. Greens, vegetables, fruits and nuts and seeds, predominantly (juices, smoothies, salads, homemade raw snacks from fruits & nuts). Then, cooked (rather, steamed or sauteed) vegetables and greens will also make up a very large part (cooked veg added to salads, and stuff like store-bought olives & sundried tomatoes that are probably heat-treated). As opposed to before, I will add a lot more cooked starches & proteins (rice, spelt berries, pasta, oats, legumes, tempeh, etc) to my salads, and will also make meals out of greens/veg/cooked starches or protein to have options besides salads (phew). Processed cooked foods (like agave, bread, chocolate) make up a tiny portion of my diet (some days more, naturally) and I don’t feel the need to further decrease or fully eliminate this. (Although I do want to get back into making my own, raw, chocolate, since chocolate I actually prefer eating on a daily basis, hehe).

For me, it’s not about eating so and so many percentage raw (89.56 % ftw!), it’s about simply making fresh, whole foods the base of my diet. The place I keep returning to. Since I believe so many starches and, especially, legumes, contain tons of healthful properties, I do want to keep incorporating this and in larger quantities than before. (And yes, these can also be sprouted and eaten raw but I’m too lazy/don’t really like the taste of sprouts :p).

The one other thing I plan on changing is getting back into making more healthy and more indulgent snack foods, raw or semi-raw. Making snacks is one of the most fun things for me and just because I want to go back to eating more raw foods doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy this anymore!

Remember the ChocoCado mousse anyone?

I enjoyed it for breakfast this morning, after a glass of liquid nutrition:

With two new books I just received (I really am addicted to books, I need sponsors!). The beauty detox solution by Kimberly Snyder I had been lusting after for monthsss, long before it came out. I stumbled upon her blog by accident some months ago and have a serious girl crush on her. She is hot, has a passion for sharing her wisdom & view on health (and beauty) with the world, and seems like such a nice, caring person. Just started on her book and already love it.

The Raw Food Detox Diet has created such a storm in the raw foods world that I had to see it for myself but it looks to be too much of a weight loss books with levels and whatnot, for me to like, so that one is probably going back.

Raw breakfast: almond cream with strawberries & raw buckwheat granola

An all-cooked, improvised & yummy meal: yellow rice with tempeh steaks (omg, it had been too long, my precious!) & stirfried green beans, spring onion & bok choy with seroendeng (a baked coconut/onion/peanut Indonesian seasoning. lurve). Ps: worst picture in thefruitpursuit blog history ever. My sincere apologies!

It feels so nice to be back here!



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